Why did Doja Cat change her Album Cover? | Copying Issue Explained

Pop sensation Doja Cat’s album cover became a topic of hot discussion on social media following striking similarities to an entirely different band’s album art. Initially, the American rapper had revealed the album cover for her upcoming fourth studio album titled Scarlet. However, the image featured was virtually identical to the cover of an upcoming album by the German metal band Chaver. Let’s take a closer look at Doja Cat’s album cover copying issue and learn more details about the controversy.

Doja Cat’s album cover copying issue

On August 29th, Doja Cat took to Instagram to announce the release of her upcoming album Scarlet with just the album art and the release date in the caption. However, the post has now been deleted after allegations that the artwork was copied

The original album art featured a minimal scarlet-colored spider on a plain white background. Above the spider was a small drop of blood which added a lot of mystery. While fans initially seemed to love the cover, they were quick to point out it was copied. 

Doja Cat’s album cover drew comparisons to the cover of German metal band Chaver’s upcoming album titled ‘Of Gloom’. The resemblance is so uncanny that even the blood drop was almost identical in both posters with just slightly wider legs.

Interestingly, both albums are slated to release on the same date, September 22. This paved the way to an unexpected controversy among Doja Cat’s fandom. It is important to note that Chaver had revealed this album art a month before Doja Cat’s announcement.

Who made the album covers?

A fresh twist spiced up the ongoing controversy when fans found that both album covers were made by the same artist. Dusty Ray of Portland, Oregon, was credited for the artwork featured in the two albums. 

The artist often works with horror themes, animals, and a scarlet and red color palette just like the one featured in the controversial covers. In a recent update, they even shared Doja Cat’s modified Scarlet album cover with heart emojis on their story. 

Just two days after she posted the original album cover, the ‘Say So’ singer shared a new version. Now, the new spider has some pearls for its head and abdomen in a similar minimal background. Chaver’s post remains unchanged. 

At the end of it all, it just seems like both Doja Cat and Chaver have commissioned the artwork from the same person which resulted in this confusion. So far, there have been no open comments regarding this controversy from all three parties involved.

More about Doja Cat’s upcoming album

Despite the album cover copying issue controversy, Doja Cat’s fans are still more hyped up than ever for Scarlet to drop on September 22. Two songs are already out including the lead single Attention and Paint the Town Red. 

Both songs are already making waves on Billboard charts as the singer just released a new single titled Demons earlier today on September 1. Are you looking forward to Doja Cat’s Scarlet album?

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