Ryley Tate Wilson on The Voice Season 23
Ryley chooses Niall over all other coaches on The Voice Season 23 (Image via Mjsbigblog)

The famous reality show The Voice aired a new episode of its Season 23 on March 13, Monday at 8 pm ET. It premiered on NBC, where it showcased the next round of blind auditions for a new group of contestants.

The spectacular event ushered in a dazzling evening of musical ingenuity. It saw all the contestants giving their best to sway the coaches enough for them to turn their chairs around and pick them on their team.

On this episode of The Voice, 15-year-old contestant Riley Tate Wilson was able to turn all four chairs of the coaches’ panel through his exceptional performance of Dancing On My Own by Robyn. Even though everyone tried to convince him to join their team to the best of their abilities, he ended up choosing Niall. 

This selection has picked all kinds of mixed emotions on the internet, as the fans of the show and the contestant were left divided in the wake of wondering whether it was the right decision. 

What happened on The Voice?

The popular NBC series has been winning hearts all across the globe for more than a decade now and has garnered immense fame owing to its marvelous selection of extraordinary singing talents.

The coaches for this season include Kelly Clarkson, who has returned to the show after a brief hiatus, with newcomers to the panel, Chance The Rapper and Niall Horan. The Voice also features Blake Shelton, who has been there for several seasons but is ready to make this his last one.

This episode of the series saw all four coaches welcoming a new group of auditioners for the third round of blind auditions. Although the anticipation for the best performance was at a fever pitch, the judges were blown away as soon as the very first contestant of the round, Ryley Tate Wilson, began singing.

Wilson performed Robyn’s Dancing On My Own for his audition, a number that is known for its difficult pitch delivery. As it turns out, he didn’t finish singing the first line of the song when Kelly Clarkson zoomed her chair around, with Niall Horan following suit immediately. Shelton was the third and Chance was the last to turn their chairs around to Wilson’s immense talent. This left the audience and the contestant’s family super excited.

After his performance, Ryley was lauded with a standing ovation from the coaches and a deafening cheer from the audience.

Ryley picks Niall as his coach on The Voice

Ryley Tate Wilson pleasantly surprised the coaches when he disclosed his age. Niall Horan, who was clearly mesmerized by Rylie’s performance, stated that his was the best audition that the latter had seen so far on this season of The Voice. He also nostalgically added how happy it made him to listen to a 15-year-old sing with such confidence, remembering his own teenage X Factor days.

Kelly Clarkson had one word to describe Ryley’s performance and that was “insane.” She went on to add that “I love working with young people, too. I win a lot of time with young talent, and I think it’s because I started as a young talent…I know Niall did as well…on a singing competition and it can be a different thing than making an album.” 

Even though all four coaches tried to convince Ryley to join their team, Ryley eventually picked Niall. When asked by host Carson Daly about his choice, Ryley said, “Since he was performing at my age, and going through a voice change, and he would really guide me through singing through a voice change.”

Fan’s reaction to Ryley’s decision

Ryley’s decision of choosing Niall Horan over the other three coaches drew all kinds of reactions from the fans of the show. Everybody loved his voice and while some were happy and supportive of his decision, others feel that he may do better on Kelly Clarkson’s team. 

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