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Long-time fans of WWE know for a fact that the Bella Twins have been a staple in the franchise for over a decade. Through their alluring charisma and in-ring skills, they were able to captivate the fans. However, it seems that the Bella Twins are packing up their things and leaving the WWE, going back to their old names in the process. Will the Bella Twins still have a future in professional wrestling? Stay with us to find out more!

Bella Twins decide to leave WWE after frustrations regarding their characters

According to the Bella Twins, one of the main reasons which drove them to leave WWE was having creative frustrations with regards to their characters. Now that the WWE is expanding, more and more talents are joining its roster.

Why did the Bella Twins leave WWE and change their names back to Nikki and Brie Garcia - 1
Image Courtesy of WWE
  • The Bella Twins felt that they were being pushed to the side with the way the WWE has been neglecting them. As the WWE focuses more on their younger talents, they fail to take care of established stars like the sisters.
  • Everything was becoming too repetitive for the sisters as they were being given the same storylines and characters over and over again. Furthermore, they were having a hard time figuring out how to keep their characters interesting. According to Nikki and Brie, they could see that the Bella Twins were no longer resonating with fans, unlike before.

One can only imagine how frustrating it must be to feel that you do not have any room for growth or development. With all that being said, it’s understandable why the Bella Twins made this decision.

Focusing on being with their families

Aside from having creative frustrations with their characters, the sisters are also taking this time to focus on their personal lives. They revealed that they were facing personal challenges which prompted them to re-evaluate their priorities.

  • They felt like they are unable to spend more time with their families due to how demanding work was. According to the sisters, the WWE wasn’t giving them enough flexibility to spend more time at home.
  • Since both sisters recently became mothers, they were having a tough time balancing their responsibilities. Between keeping up with their wrestling careers, there were also the demands that came with parenthood. This was one of the major reasons why they made the decision to leave the company.

Meet Nikki and Brie Garcia

Long before they joined WWE, the twin sisters were wrestling using their real names, Garcia-Colace. It wasn’t until they were part of the WWE that they became the ‘Bella Twins’. This move was a way for the sisters to reclaim their identities and separate who they are now from their wrestling personas.

Image Courtesy of WWE
  • Now that they are using their real names again, this will serve as a reminder to their fans. Nikki and Brie are more than the wrestling personas they both portrayed for over a decade on WWE.
  • Other than that, Nikki and Brie felt like saying goodbye to the Bella Twins and WWE would open up new doors for them.

From exploring new opportunities to pursuing other hobbies and passions, the world is definitely Nikki and Brie’s oyster.

What will happen to the Bella Twins now?

At the moment, there is no saying what the future has in store for both Nikki and Brie Garcia. As the saying goes, only time will tell. However, it looks like the future looks bright for the sisters basing on what they have been up to nowadays.

Brie Garcia recently launched her own plant-based wine company called the Belle Radici. As for Nikki Garcia, she has been busying herself writing a memoir about her life and career. The duo also made it clear that they are not shutting their doors on professional wrestling.

However, it might be a while before they decide on making guest appearances on WWE as the Bella Twins once more. Nonetheless, we are more than looking forward to that happening in the near future!

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