Why does TikTok keep crashing? All possible Fixes for Android and iOS

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Okay, so, many TikTokers and viewers are experiencing this problem with their TikTok application crashing repeatedly. In this article, we will try to list all possible fixes for iOs and Androids.

If you have any additional info on how you fixed yours, feel free to share it in the comments section, and let’s help others as well. <3

Why does TikTok keep crashing? Possible causes

TikTok can encounter issues including unexpected crashes, framerate drops, connection issues, and more, just like any other application. Such problems can be caused by a variety of things, although the most frequent one might be beyond the users’ control.

  1. The most common causes of TikTok malfunctions include server outages and coding issues, both of which are relatively simple to fix.
    • The TikTok app frequently crashes, requiring people to forcefully close the program. We frequently lose our unsaved work because of this while trying to capture a video.
    • In addition, users have complained that the TikTok app would occasionally freeze and perform slowly.
  2. Poor cellular data or wifi connections might occasionally be the root of TikTok issues. To download and play movies, the program needs a strong, stable internet connection, so you should check that the internet speed on the device is stable and strong.
    • Check your 4G or LTE signal strength before using mobile data if you must. Video downloads on mobile devices can perform poorly and finally result in app issues if the mobile data connection is slow.
    • You should join a reliable wifi network before using TikTok. Furthermore, a wifi connection can guarantee you greater speed and consistency, saving you from using up your data allowance.

TikTok Crashing Issues Fixes for Android/iOS Users

  • Fix #0 – Check TikTok Server (Possible downloadable update is available) and Internet Connection

      • Sometimes, the issue is not with your phone but with the server itself. TikTok app might be under server maintenance, so before you assume that you have TikTok Crashing issues, make sure that the server is Online.
      • Usually, an application will not function if it’s not updated to its latest version. Simply check if your mobile device is on Auto-update and check Google Playstore or App Store if there is a downloadable TikTok Update.
      • One more thing is that you have probably run out of data or have a slow internet connection. Make sure that your connection is stable and with a good internet speed.
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  • Fix #1 – Check System Requirements (Android)

      • The required OS for TikTok app is Android 5.0 and above. If you have an old model of mobile device, we suggest you upgrade your phone to at least Android 5.0.
  • Fix #2 – Restart TikTok

      • To address any instantaneous issues that might have appeared, you can reset the TikTok application. Apps that are occasionally kept running for a long time in the background seem to have issues. The affected app should typically work again after being closed.
  • Fix #3 – Restart Phone

      • Hold the power button for a couple of seconds and select Restart. Some mobile devices that have been powered on for a long time need a Restart for them to function better. As some phone updates will not work well without the needed reboot just like in PCs.
  • Fix #4 – Close other Applications/Background Apps

      • You may be using multiple apps at the same time and your phone is lacking the RAM to run all of the apps in the background. Simply close the apps one by one or choose the option Close All before you open TikTok.
  • Fix #4 – Clear app cache/data

      • Some app errors are completely unrelated to development or server problems. TikTok may crash because of a corrupted app cache or expired data. See whether the issue is resolved by first attempting to clear the app’s cache.
      • If nothing changes, you can start by removing the app’s data. By doing this, you can reset the program to its factory settings and delete your login information from it. Once you’ve deleted an app’s data, you’ll need to log back in.
  • Fix #5 – Reinstall TikTok

      • Delete the TikTok app and re-download it from Google Playstore or App Store. You can reset the app by deleting it from your device. The way the program works with the rest of the system can be affected by a software issue.
  • Fix #6 – Ask TikTok for Help

      • If all else fails, you may want to contact TikTok Support and ask for some possible fixes that they might have to recommend.

If none of these fixes work, we can wait for TikTok devs to come up with a fix update to accommodate specific devices. You can also buy this new iPhone 14 Pro which definitely will not have this crashing issue and will boost your views and likes on TikTok! 🙂

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