Spy x Family has captured the hearts of viewers with its intriguing plot, lovable characters, and sharp wit. But have you heard of its “gay” counterpart? That’s right, Buddy Daddies has been called the “gay” version of Spy x Family on the internet, and it’s not hard to see why. Stick around to know more about these speculations.

Is Buddy Daddies similar to Spy x Family?

  • At first glance, Buddy Daddies and Spy x Family might not seem like they have much in common. One is about espionage and the other is about family life.
  • But dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that they share some similarities that make the comparison make sense.

Although both of them have a very different and worthwhile story to tell. While Spy x Family remains popular with well-animated action and comedy, Buddy Daddies excels at depicting relatable characters and ordinary family life.

Why is Buddy Daddies called the “Gay” version of Spy x Family?

Well, the answer lies in the representation it provides. Buddy Daddies is an anime about two assassins taking care of a young girl, similar to Spy x Family. As both focus on unconventional families, cute girl, and their careers.

But Buddy Dadies takes a step further by showing two male protagonists. It’s a refreshing change from the typical heterosexual family unit that dominates most media, and it’s something that is sorely needed in today’s world.

How exactly is Buddy Daddies different from Spy x Family?

Both series feature non-traditional family units. In Spy x Family, Twilight, Anya, and Yor must pretend to be a family in order to achieve their mission.

Buddy Daddies called the "Gay" version of Spy x Family
Image Courtesy of @shipperinjapan on Twitter

In Buddy Daddies, Ryoji and Aoi are a family, even though they don’t fit the typical mold. By showcasing these unconventional families, both series challenge traditional notions of what a family is supposed to look like.

Buddy Daddies focuses more on parenting and they’re not forced

Buddy Daddies called the "Gay" version of Spy x Family
Image Courtesy of P.A Works
  • Spy X Family is first and foremost a spy show. Anya’s interpersonal struggles, such as making friends and navigating social situations. And they are connected to the overarching plot that holds whole nations in the balance.
  • On the other hand, Kazuki and Rei decided to raise Miri because of their past and their attachment to her.
  • Kazuki to lost his wife and child because of his job and not knowing his parents, and he became protective of Miri.

Miri is more realistic than Anya

Buddy Daddies called the "Gay" version of Spy x Family
Image Courtesy of P.A Works

Miri is a realistic 4-year-old child who talks a lot, makes a mess, and throws tantrums. Many parents can relate to Kazuki and Rei’s struggles because of the accurate portrayal of child behavior in the show.

Miri’s innocence is adorable, and she acknowledges that Papa is someone who protects, rather than just being related by blood.

  • The fact that Anya can read minds makes her an unbelievable child, but that is intentional.
  • Anya puts her parents through unconventional struggles by assisting them in their spy and assassination work. This shows that the series prioritizes humor over a traditional portrayal of child-rearing.


That’s everything to know on why Buddy Daddies is being called the “gay” version of Spy x Family. At last, it’s just an internet thing and we know that the show stands on its own as a unique and engaging series. Are you ready to watch/read Buddy Daddies? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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