Why is NewJeans Hanni Famous in Japan? Popularity Explored

Why is NewJeans Hanni Famous in Japan? Popularity Explored

If you’re a fourth-generation stan, it’s impossible not to know NewJeans Hanni. In this wide, wide K-pop industry with newly debuted groups quickly coming and going, Pham Hanni may have garnered considerable fandom in Japan. K-pop fans and netizens have been discussing the NewJeans’ member popularity in the country. It isn’t much of a big deal, but it sure is interesting to know why NewJeans Hanni is famous in Japan, so let’s try to figure it out!

NewJeans Hanni Popularity in Japan Explored

The fourth-generation groups have their unique ways of captivating fans locally and globally. With the debut of ADOR and HYBE Labels’ NewJeans, they quickly made their names known across the globe. However, one name has been adored by many, and who are you not to know NewJeans Hanni? Among the various names and visuals in this current generation, her name is one of the stand-outs internationally, specifically among Japanese fans. But why?

  • In Pann, a Reddit-like discussion site for K-netz (Korean netizens), a user posted why Pham Hanni is famous among the Japanese, and honestly, we have to agree with the fans’ reasons. Japanese people adore cute things (say hello to Sanrio and their famous Hello Kitty, Kuromi, and Cinnamoroll), and we can’t lie; NewJeans’ Hanni is such a cute idol.
NewJeans Hanni Famous in Japan, CInnamoroll
Image Courtesy of Pann Kpop
  • A netizen pointed out that she looked like a Japanese teen actress, while some even thought she was Japanese at first glance. Hanni is said to give this Japanese vibes that probably led the J-fans to fall in love with her charms.
  • Some even mentioned that she looks like an anime character. If you watch NewJeans’ vlogs or videos, even Hanni’s personality is very likable; the loud and chaotic yet softie baby, that’s how we can describe her.

With this lengthy discussion of why NewJeans Hanni is famous in Japan, we can say that it’s probably because of her facial features, effortless cuteness, and talent. She has a small face, big, round eyes, a small chin, and very adorable puffy cheeks. NGL, when the netizen posted the picture where Hanni imitated Cinnamoroll, we can see some resemblance right there.

We have yet to know the real reason behind their enormous support and fanbase for Hanni. But, come on, she’s gorgeous and talented, and her personality’s adorable. It’s like, it’s hard to say no to the cutie Pham Hanni.

Who is Pham Hanni?

If you came here to know who Pham Hanni is, you’re in luck because we have it here for you. No, NewJeans’ Hanni is not Japanese; however, she is a foreigner—a Vietnamese. In fact, she’s actually the first Vietnamese idol under HYBE. Believe it or not, the 2004-born idol is the second oldest member of NewJeans.

  • If you’re wondering why she has an accent when speaking English, Pham Hanni was born in Melbourne, Australia. Currently, she is Gucci’s global ambassador; mind you, this happened a short while after the group’s debut. She quickly made it that big. Slay, girl!
  • She already attended the Milan Fashion Week 2023 Show. Moreover, last February, Hanni became an ambassador of Armani Beauty.

  • As a member of NewJeans, they have no official positions, but Hanni has been one of the primary vocalists of the group. She has also participated in songwriting for their songs, Hype Boy and OMG.

Is NewJeans worth stanning?

Now that we discussed NewJeans Hanni and her popularity in Japan, have you ever considered stanning the group? As a girl group stan, I can say that being a fan of these young girls is worth it. They have been releasing back-to-back-to-back bop songs in just a year and three months after their debut.

  • Their debut ages also threw us off a bit since their maknae, Hyein, was only 14 years old when they dropped their first track. Haerin was 16, Danielle was 17, and the 2004-liners were barely 18. We’re hoping these girls would still have the time to enjoy themselves as teenagers and not be locked into the title ‘K-pop idols.’
  • Talent-wise, since they released ‘Attention,’ it was clear that they all have the potential to be one of the biggest girl groups of this generation. Adding their visuals, charm, and talent, their songs have been all-out catchy, and their concepts well-thought-out.

  • With their second EP, ‘Get Up,’ NewJeans may have drawn me more to their music. The album tracks’ variety of genres had me enjoying every single one, and now my head’s stuck with “ASAP, baby. Hurry up, don’t say maybe,” they know how to make good music and capture fans, too.

So if you’re looking for a sign if you’ll stan NewJeans, then say hello to the BUNNIES fandom of Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein. They may return with another comeback soon, so watch out for new bop music!

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