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Hey, players! have you been constantly playing and using your Riot Games account? If not, you may want to read through the sudden deletion of very inactive accounts by Riot Games. They announced earlier this week about this action and would start deleting the accounts in a few months and will be on an ongoing basis. If you think this news will affect your account, you may read until the end to know all information about this case. We’ll walk you through the considerations of an inactive account, prevention, and if it is possible to recover your account.

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Riot Games’ deletion of inactive accounts

Firstly, Riot Games has some requirements for your account to be tagged as a very inactive account. They would not just delete any account just because of its inactivity for a few months or years. Also, they have stated the reason for this action. We’ll discuss them here, don’t worry.

  • Let’s now start with the account’s time inactivity. Riot Games can consider a very inactive account when there is no login activity across any applications, games, or web-related properties for over three years. Additionally, they said that if you are logged in to any of their web properties like,,,,, etc., your account remains active.
  • Secondly, they have a strict policy to consider what inactive accounts to terminate. When an account meets all the requirements below, it becomes eligible for deletion. The criteria are as follows:
  1. Account inactivity
  2. The account did not purchase any game currency in its lifetime
  3. Account did not receive any game currency in its lifetime
  4. The account’s playing time is fewer than 20 hours
  5. Account does not own any rare limited edition game entitlements
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  • Furthermore, Riot Games opt to delete very inactive for the sole purposes of security. “People who want to steal data, cause issues, play Teemo, you know, the usual. We want players to know that their accounts and personal data are safe so we have been ramping up our security and privacy efforts.” When your account terminates, you are still welcome to rejoin Riot Games.
  • Moreover, with their efforts to keep tighter privacy and security in their system, the developers started Two-Factor Authentication across all their gaming clients. You may read through their blog post on this matter and how to enable the feature.
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Notification, Prevention, and Recovery

Moving to the last part, you may wonder if they’ll notify you if your account will be terminated. The answer is yes. If your account marks all the criteria for termination, an email comes to the email address linked with your Riot Games account. However, you can’t access or log in to any of their affiliated properties except for

  • Of course, you may prevent the deletion of your inactive account. “If you receive an email about your account being subject to deletion due to inactivity, you can visit Player Support, log in to your account, and follow the instructions to opt-out of the account deletion!
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  • Although, unfortunately, deleted accounts cannot be recovered. However, you may still want to bring this to Player Support’s attention, and there may be able to assist you.

That’s all you need to know. Keep your accounts safe, players!

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