Why is the newest Sony PS5 model lighter?

Why is the newest Sony PS5 model lighter - Cover

Recently, some people took notice of a change in the newest PS5 model for sale. It was first picked up by an Australian gaming news website and they reported that the newest models of the PS5 have a different weight and are lighter than before.

In the past, Sony has made changes to the PS5 which caused a change in the overall weight of the PS5. But unlike before, Sony hasn’t put out a statement which would explain the changes observed in units for sale in Australia. What is making the newest models lighter than before? Read on to find out more.

Sony is now distributing new and lighter models of the PS5 in different countries

As mentioned, an Australian gaming website was the first one to report about the weight change in the PS5. According to Press Start, both versions of the PS5 (Digital and Disc) are lighter than the initial models released.

Comparing the newer models of the PS5 to the earlier ones, here is what Press Start observed:

PS5 Digital Edition 3.9 kilograms 3.6 kilograms 3.4 kilograms
PS5 Disc Version 4.5 kilograms 4.2 kilograms 3.9 kilograms


It seems that the PS5 models are getting lighter and lighter each year. And if we compare the current Disc Version of the PS5 to the Digital Edition at launch, they’re practically the same weight.

But for the 2021 revision of the unit, Sony explained to the consumers that it was because of changes to the heatsink. The change in heatsink explained why the both versions of the PS5 had a weight reduction of 300 grams.

Image Courtesy of PlayStation via YouTube

However, there is currently no explanation as to why the latest models of the PS5 are lighter this time around. The only way to know for sure what changes they made to the units is if someone took a look inside the newest models.

We’ll have to wait for tech channels on YouTube to get their hands on these newer models before we can know for sure what caused these weight changes.

Or maybe it’s time Sony made an update to the PS5 teardown they uploaded two years ago.

There will be a price hike for PS5 sold outside of the United States

In relation to the weight changes in the newest PS5, Sony is also introducing a price hike for units sold outside of the US. This is becoming a worry for some consumers as typically, the price of a Sony console goes down as it becomes lighter.

Why is the newest Sony PS5 model lighter - Versions
Image Courtesy of Sony

But obviously, that is not the case this time around. At the moment, Sony has confirmed that prices for the PS5 are increasing in the following places:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom

The reason for this price hike is because inflation rates all over the world are affecting Sony’s distribution of the PS5 consoles.

  • It is expected that prices in the UK will jump by 6 percent
  • As for prices in Japan, the price jumps at 21 percent
  • And PS5 prices in Europe will increase by 10 percent

In the past, lighter models of the PlayStation are sold at a lower price. However, it is understandable that there is a price jump given the current economic status all over the world.

Even if PlayStation consoles reduce prices whenever they get revised, there’s a high chance that Sony is increasing prices to cover the cost for logistics. Hopefully, this price hike won’t last long since the PS5 is still in demand by consumers all over the world.

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What possible changes to the PS5 do you think caused a decrease in the unit’s overall weight? Do you think the newest models will perform better than models available at Sony’s initial launch of the PS5?

Let us know your thoughts on these changes to the PS5. We’d be more than happy to hear from you in the comments down below.

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