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Korean movie Gentleman starring Ju Ji-Hoon, Park Sung-Woong, and Choi Sung-Eun is preparing to add thrill to 2022 before it ends. The film looks promising with a fast-paced plot and the synergy of its leads. This could shook-up the box office ratings of 2022 with its theatrical release on December 28. The film is directed by Kim Young-Won who has previously worked on the film The Artist: Reborn and the official trailer of his latest film is dominated by the presence of three versatile actors foreshadowing an entertaining plot.

Behind The Scenes of K-movie Gentleman
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  • The upcoming K-movie stars Ju Ji-Hoon as a private detective with headstrong morals. The actor is known for his chic and witty roles in Mount Jiri, Hyena, and Along with the Gods. He pulls off his character’s stubbornness with charismatic acting.
  • Along with him, the movie stars Choi Sung-Eun as a skillful prosecutor. She is a rookie actor with experience in delivering complicated characters. Beyond Evil and The Sound of Magic are some of her notable works.
  • The movie also stars Park Sung-Woong in a dignified negative role who is the owner of a leading law firm. The actor has proven his skills in portraying classy yet non-agreeable characters through New World, Remember and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. The trailer promises a grand show of the actor’s synergy in the movie.
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Ji Hyun-Soo (Ju Ji-Hoon) is a private detective who will go to any lengths to maintain his 100% success ratio. He shifts his track and identity for his case while maintaining his fashionable persona.

During one of these investigations, his client is kidnapped and he is arrested as a suspect. However, due to an unfavorable car accident, he finds himself in the hospital. So he makes the most out of the situation and borrows the identity of prosecutor Kang Seung-Jun.

Subsequently, he must deal with Kim Hwa-Jin (Choi Sung-Eun) who is a charismatic prosecutor. She befits all the classifications of a capable person and is unfazed to make perilous decisions. Together they discover Kwon Do-Hun’s (Park Sung-Woong) questionable involvement in the case. His character is the CEO of Hwanya law firm with $38.2 Million in funds created by market manipulation and tax invasion. The movie shall reveal the mystery behind the kidnapping as the threads of the leads entangles.

Promising aspects

Even with the short glimpse of the story through the trailer audience can expect a thrilling plot. The film promises twisted crime, swift action, and witty humor. The highlight of the movie seems to be its proficient casting that doesn’t overshadow each other’s charisma and its powerful screenplay.

The trailer itself familiarizes us with the character’s ironic philosophies, where the lead Ji Hyun-Soo challenges the systematic procedure by questioning, “what is the importance of rules and boundaries when capturing a bad guy,” and the antagonist Kwon Do-Hoon emphasizes protecting dignity. It will be interesting to explore which philosophy proves to be of a true Gentleman.

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