Why Sauce Walka Crew got arrested?

Why Sauce Walka Crew got arrested

If you’ve read about the case of Atlanta rapper Gunna, here comes another rap-related case but this time, a crew. You probably got here if you know the American rapper and songwriter, Sauce Walka. Alleged 14 members of Sauce Walka‘s The Sauce Factory (TSF) crew were arrested in Houston, Texas for various crimes. Sauce Walks lives around the city, but as of now, no involvement with him is certain. Several members face Racketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations Act (RICO) charges. Know why Sauce Walka’s TSF Crew got arrested here.

Members of Sauce Walka’s The Sauce Factory crew arrested

As said above, the involvement of the rapper has no confirmation yet. We can expect to know more about the case in the following days, all related to the TSF crew are certainly to be investigated. Moreover, 14 members face charges of drug trafficking, possessing a “Glock switch”, and possession of a firearm.

  • All members who were taken custody are from Houston. The following are the TSF crew members:
    • Anthony Yezeno-Hopkins, 38
    • Anthony Ketchum, 35
    • Titus Baisey, 35
    • Hassani Mills, 34
    • Keith Moore, 34
    • Brandon Milson, 32
    • Josue Rodriguez, 32
    • Michael Henry, 32
    • Jaylyn Pinson, 29
    • Robert Thomas, 29
    • Toree White, 27
    • Julian Herrera, 26
    • Sterling Brumant, 26
    • Myles Smith, 23
  • According to the Fox26 Houston report, on Thursday, Baisey, Henry, and Smith went down to court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Christina Bryan. Furthermore, crew member Sterling Brumant reported being arrested in California and is currently detained.
Sauce Walka Crew arrested, the sauce factory
Screengrab Image Courtesy of Click 2 Houston
  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Houston Police Department investigate the various crimes together. The arrest took place at 6 in the morning on Wednesday last week. Authorities surrounded the homes of the accused, while more than 200 more spread out in the county.

What’s about to happen

The detention hearings for these members begin on December 19th, 2022 at 9 a.m., according to the officials. The officials and reports available gave a deeper look at the charges these men face. Including Thomas and Rodriguez, other members face a charge of possession with intent to deliver meth. While Moore encounters an added charge of possession with intent to deliver heroin.

  • Robert Thomas, provided in the indictment, allegedly possesses a “Glock switch”. This firearm device converts a semi-automatic pistol to a fully-automatic one. If Thomas may be found guilty, 10 years of possible sentence await him.
  • Another charge of illegal possession of a firearm, this time against 32-year-old Rodriguez. Alleged possession of a Ruger 5.7mm may lead to a similar 10-year sentence in prison.
  • Furthermore, the possession and intent to deliver meth may face life in prison verdict or might pay fines up to $10,000,000. To deliver heroin charges may give a maximum of 40 years in prison, respectively.

Sauce Walka and Gunna

In an Instagram live, Sauce Walka addressed the Atlanta rapper Gunna as a ‘snitch’ after pleading guilty to a charge of racketeering conspiracy or an Alford plea. This plea deal allows the accused to plead guilty while maintaining innocence. The arrest of Gunna happened last May 2022, and for a little over seven months he walked free.

  • A few days after the IG live, the TSF crew may have faced the same fate. Well, we have no clue whether they have been snitched or the authorities have their eyes focused on these crews and gangs.


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