Why The Joker and Batman will never kill each other

The Joker and Batman are each other’s biggest enemies. But it seems that they are not complete without each other. It’s almost like, what will our dear Batman do if The Joker isn’t around creating some ruckus for him to solve? These two names go hand in hand with each other. It is like their enmity has also a taste of some crooked friendship somewhere.

Because both might extremely harm each other but, have you noticed? They don’t kill each other. So, in this article, we are going to take a look at this enmity from the perspective of friendship. Let us see what lies ahead, shall we?

The Joker and the Batman
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The Joker and the Batman laugh together 

From the animated series, The Joker is seen fighting with Batman. There comes a point where Batman can kick The Joker’s ass if he wants to. But he doesn’t. Instead, he offers to help the Joker get better. Batman offers to rehabilitate him and get him to a point in life where he doesn’t have to die alone. But sadly, the Joker denies his help. Instead, he cracks a stupid joke to make him and Batman laugh.

  • And guess what, we get to see our favorite hero, Batman laughing with our favorite villain, The Joker.
  • The duo has a wicked chasing-each-other enmity with a friendship perspective on it. In the scene, Batman says, “ We don’t have to kill each other,”. Now isn’t that sweet and sensible? But is our favorite villain such sensible too?

The Joker and his cynical ideas

The Joker in the Dark Knight by Nolan is seen robbing a bank with his fellow criminal friends. Now, all of them were wearing similar joker masks. The Joker had planned the robbery so well that he didn’t have to share a single piece of the money they stole from the bank.

How did he do it? Well, the robbery was planned into different stages and he put each of the team members on each level of the plan. After each level got executed, the Joker asked the team members to kill their partner on that level.

  • At the end of the robbery, The joker kills the last partner in crime, the bus driver. And drives off with all the money by himself.
  • Now isn’t that cynical? The Joker kills his very own partners on a mission but doesn’t fatally harm our dear Batman.

The Joker demands money to kill the Batman 

One of the most infamous lines of the Joker stands, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.”. And guess where our favorite villain applies this philosophy of his? On taking a contract to kill Batman.

Now, here is another scene from the Dark Knight, where it is seen that the Joker offers the biggest criminals in the city a chance to kill Batman, who was hindering all the criminal and illegal businesses of the city.

  • One of the businessmen asks the Joker if it is so easy for him, why hasn’t he done it already? The Joker replies calmly, “If you are good at something, never do it for free.” One of the businessmen gets angry with the Joker. He asks one of his men to kill the Joker but, our dear Joker is wearing a suit that has explosives attached to it.
  • The Joker leaves his card behind just in case the criminal businessmen want to engage in any form of Batman-killing business with him. But, will the Joker ever kill Batman?


Batman and his justice system

He would never kill the Joker as that idea lies beyond his moral compass. Batman will stop crimes or capture criminals but he would never kill. He might occasionally blow up a side villain character but when it comes to The Joker or most other criminals, he won’t kill them. Every time the Joker does something extremely cynical, he gets captured and sent to “Arkham Asylum” for treatment.

  • But Joker, being the official favorite psychopath that he is, should never have been sent for treatment.
  • Psychopaths only gain more knowledge about human behavior from psychiatrists but they won’t ever change as they are born like that.
The Batman And the Joker
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In this infamous enmity between The Joker and Batman, both of them will never kill each anytime soon. Because both of their duo are just too famous. There were times when the Joker saves Batman in the comic world from dying. And we have witnessed time and again that Batman is not the one to kill another individual.

As much as we love Batman, we can’t deny the fact that the Joker to has a place in our hearts no matter how dark his philosophy is. Cheers to the infamous Batman and the Joker duo who never fail to amaze us.

The Batman and The Joker
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