Why was Kayleigh McEnany called a ‘Milktoast’ on Twitter by Donald Trump?

Why was Kayleigh McEnany called a 'Milktoast' on Twitter by Donald Trump?

Former President Donald Trump attempted to insult former secretary and supporter Kayleigh McEnany but became a center of jokes due to misspelling “Milquetoast” as “MilkToast”.

On Tuesday, Kayleigh McEnany appeared on Fox News and claimed that Donald Trump’s rival, Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis is steadily gaining power over polls for the Iowa primary.

Former President Donald Trump insulted Kayleigh McEnany by calling her ‘MilkToast’

Donald Trump MilkToast Milquetoast Kayleigh McEnany
Donald Trump with Kayleigh McEnany (Image via Twitter)

Kayleigh McEnany’s remark about Ron DeSantis, who is the direct Republican rival of Donald Trump in the upcoming 2024 presidential election, didn’t sit right with the former President, and he tried to diss her through his social media platform, Truth Social.

  • He wished to ridicule her mistake of allegedly underselling the poll results during an ‘Outnumbered’ segment co-hosted by McEnany. He attempted to call her ‘Milquetoast,’ an adjective for a timid or meek person but ended up misspelling it as ‘MilkToast,’ a bakery product.


  • “Kayleigh ‘Milktoast’ McEnany just gave out the wrong poll numbers on FoxNews,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. Further stating that he is 34 up than ‘DeSanctimonious,’ not 25. “While 25 is great, it’s not 34,” he added.
  • “The RINOS & Globalists can have her. FoxNews should only use REAL Stars!!!” Donald Trump shared further alleging that McEnany was aware that the number was corrected upwards by the poll conducting the group.

Conservatives Criticize Donald Trump’s ‘MilkToast’ remark

Kayleigh McEnany served as White House press secretary from April 2020 until the end of Donald Trump’s term. Before this, she was a loyal defender of the 45th President in most cable news appearances.

Many former supporters of Donald Trump criticized his ‘MilkToast’ (Milquetoast) remark. They stated that Trump’s attack was immature and a disgrace especially noting the contributions of McEnany during his term.

“Kayleigh McEnany slayed the fake news hoaxers and the liberal media activists day in and day out for years. She took countless arrows defending [Donald Trump] and she was great at it.” Matt Wokling, former deputy director of communications, who is now working for the DeSantis fundraising committee, tweeted.

Trump’s former legal adviser Jenna Ellis also defended Kayleigh McEnany, stating that this is why she and many other former supporters of Donald Trump didn’t return for 2024.

Netizens’ reactions

Regardless of their political beliefs, some netizens criticized Donald Trump’s ridicule of a former supporter who did so much for him, stating that it shows why he is not the best candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

While some netizens also sided with Donald Trump on the ‘MilkToast’ matter, stating that he has the right to defend himself after Kayleigh McEnany’s repeated bad-mouthing.

According to the New York Post, former President Trump reshared a post of McEnany that praised one of his interviews and took a dig at her encouragement of DeSantis.

  • “I guess Kayleigh isn’t speaking so favorably about DeSanctimonious now after his Polls are shot!,” her former employer wrote on Truth Social in April last year.

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