Why was Kick streamer Johnny Somali knocked out in Japan? | Timeline
Kick streamer Johnny Somali (Image via Spiel Times)

Johnny Somali, a controversial Kick streamer known for antagonizing locals in Japan, was recently the victim of an on-camera altercation that led to his account being banned on the platform. This incident was preceded by multiple controversies sparked by Somali just days prior. In this article, we will take a look at the Timeline of Kick streamer Johnny Somali being knocked out on camera in Japan following an encounter with Twitch Streamer Meowko the previous day.

Timeline of Kick streamer Johnny Somali knocked out in Japan

September 10th – Encounter With Twitch Streamer Meowko

Twitch Streamer Meowko Tweet
Twitch Streamer Meowko Tweets She Was Able to Avoid Ban (image via @meowkolol, Tweet)

On September 10th, popular Twitch streamer Meowko was broadcasting live when Johnny Somali approached her on camera. Somali, who is permanently banned from Twitch, informed Meowko of his ban status and told her, “You better not show me on your stream, you’ll get banned.”

Understandably upset by the threatening remarks, Meowko contacted Twitch staff after the run-in to proactively avoid any ban on her end for showcasing a prohibited streamer. She later voiced frustration on social media that Somali was still able to stream on other platforms despite his history of inappropriate behavior.

September 11th – Verbal Altercation on Tokyo Streets

The very next day, on September 11th, Johnny Somali was streaming on Kick with fellow creator Jino. Video footage shows the duo yelling offensive language at random passersby on the streets of Tokyo and generally antagonizing people going about their day.

Kick Streamer Johnny Somali Knocked Out on Camera

Kick Streamer Johnny Somali Knocked Out on Camera
Kick Streamer Johnny Somali Knocked Out on Camera (Image via @Ryo_Saeba_3, Twitter)

Eventually, after enduring prolonged verbal harassment from the two streamers, an anonymous man on the street took matters into his own hands and threw a punch at Somali and Jino, knocking their cameras to the ground. The clip quickly circulated online, with many commenters voicing approval of the man standing up against the bullying tactics.

Account Ban Follows Controversial Incident

Within mere hours of the filmed run-in, Johnny Somali’s Kick account was banned from the platform. While the exact reason is unconfirmed, the timing suggests the ban was related to either the on-camera fight. Furthermore, it can also be a result of Somali’s inappropriate treatment of Meowko the previous day.

Mixed Opinions on Johnny Somali’s Removal

Reactions to Somali’s ban have been polarized. Many feel it was warranted given his habitual harassment of Japanese locals. However, some argue that, while objectionable, his actions didn’t necessarily justify total removal or the use of violence in response.

In summary, Johnny Somali’s latest Kick ban came on the heels of multiple controversies sparked by the streamer’s own provocative behaviors over the span of just two days. Only time will tell whether he learns from these incidents or continues his trend of instigation after returning online.

Timeline of Key Events:

  • September 10th: Johnny Somali instigates Twitch streamer Meowko.
  • September 11th: Somali harasses people on Tokyo streets.
  • September 11th: Kick Streamer Johnny Somali Knocked Out on Camera.
  • September 11th: Kick bans Somali’s account.

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