Why was MrBeast Arrested?

MrBeast arrested prank

Imagine being the most popular YouTuber in the world, spending millions in charity and out of nowhere, you get arrested by the police. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Jimmy Donaldson better known as MrBeast. Or at least, it seemed like it for a while until they lost the plot. Pictures of MrBeast getting arrested and taken in a police car have gone viral but is it real or is it a prank gone too far?

The pictures are definitely real and the man in handcuffs is MrBeast himself in the flesh. However, the arrest is actually an elaborate revenge prank by MrBeast’s YouTube contemporary Airrack. The YouTuber shared the clip on his social media accounts claiming to have successfully gotten MrBeast arrested. Read to find out why MrBeast was ‘arrested’.

Exploring MrBeast’s arrest prank video

Airrack uploaded a video showcasing the entirety of MrBeast’s arrest ordeal titled ‘I ACTUALLY Got MrBeast Arrested’. The 10-minute long video has garnered over 2 million views in just 11 hours since its upload. 

The elaborate plan involves a couple of actual NYPD officers who pull up MrBeast’s Tesla as he is driving. The cop finds faults with his tinted windows which are illegal. MrBeast argues that it’s there to ensure that fans don’t mob him to take pictures.

Later, MrBeast steps out of the vehicle and the police officers handcuff him and take him in a patrol car. All of this unfolds while Airrack monitors the conversation from a distance. Initially, MrBeast was laughing throughout his arrest, hoping it would be a prank.

However, once he got inside his jail cell, his reaction started to get slightly serious. The police officers denied him food and water. Then, he gets a phone call from Airrack which is when he reveals that this is all a prank. 

Why did Airrack get MrBeast arrested?

Eric Decker AKA Airrack has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube and he is known for his ‘couch series’ collab with Logan Paul. Airrack and MrBeast have been friends for a long time but the arrest prank is an act of revenge, according to Eric. 

MrBeast Airrack arrest prank
Airrack explaining the MrBeast prank (Image courtesy of Airrack)

He explains that Jimmy once made his best friend and team member Tyler pretend like he was leaving Airrack’s team to join the MrBeast crew. He said the prank left him heartbroken and he wanted to get back with him for it. 

Initially, the arrest prank was set to be staged in New York City where MrBeast was scheduled to meet Elon Musk. However, the Twitter CEO canceled the meeting and the prank ended up happening in MrBeast’s hometown in Greenville, North Carolina

Social media reacts to MrBeast’s ‘arrest’

As soon as MrBeast’s arrest clip began to circulate, misinformation started to spread around the possible reasons for his arrest. Most of them claimed that he was arrested for tax evasion as they believe he spends that money on charity challenges like helping 1,000 blind people see for the first time

However, fact checkers have ensured that social media users know about the prank and that MrBeast is not really under arrest. Jimmy was a good sport as he laughs and ‘gives props’ to Airrack for the prank when he leaves the police station.

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