Why was NYC judge Gregory Locke fired? His OnlyFans controversy explained.

An administrative law judge working in New York, named Gregory Locke, was fired from his position on the discovery of his OnlyFans account that he ran as a side gig.

According to The New York Post, Locke charged a monthly subscription of $12 on his OnlyFans account. The 33-year-old former judge has already posted more than 100 images and videos on his account since he started it in November 2020.

Additionally, it has also been discovered that alongside his OnlyFans profile, Locke also owned an account on JustFor.Fans. He charged viewers $9.99 monthly on the platform.

Administrative law judge Gregory Locke’s “unprofessional” behavior ends his career 

According to reports, Locke’s OnlyFans bio states he is a “White collar professional by day…very unprofessional by night. Always amateur, always raw, always sl*tty.”

Apart from this, Locke’s account also contains a significant quantity of explicit pornographic content in posts and videos. This includes org*es and snippets of him engaging in adult acts. The caption to one of these reads, “I just want to celebrate Labor Day by having a man impregnate me.”

Locke even goes on to mention his profession in a video where he performs an indecent act in front of the camera, posted in November 2022, captioning it with, “I was never going to focus on work if I didn’t let this out.”

Moreover, in a different post, he states, “Guess what kind of p*rn I was watching in the middle of my work day during this quick org*sm break.”

Locke, who was in charge of adjudicating parking tickets, being paid $58 per hour by taxpayers, also went ahead and declared his profession on his X-rated Twitter handle, writing on it that he was a “judge”. He frequently posted his explicit photos and videos there.

Gregory Locke was fired on the complaint filed by City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino

The decision to fire judge Gregory Locke was catalyzed by an official complaint that was filed by Vickie Paladino, the City Councilwoman. It has come to light that Paladino and Locke have had a bitter history together since Locke had criticized her earlier for her opposition to the Drag Queen Story Hours in schools and public libraries.

Locke was fired by The New York City court on Tuesday for his “unprofessional behavior.” It was reportedly found out that Locke had been moonlighting as a pornstar on OnlyFans and had posted a substantial amount of adult material there.

As per reports, Vickie Paladino has stated that “This city must have absolute faith in its courts at entry level, and employing individuals like Mr. Locke in positions of legal authority only corrodes the people’s trust in the professionalism and impartiality of our institutions.” 

Allegedly, the now-fired judge had posted offensive tweets about Paladino in which he told her to “choke” on a private part after the Councilwoman opposed the Drag Queen Story Hour in libraries and schools.

Locke posted offensive tweets about the mayor

Furthermore, it has also been reported that Locke did not always behave professionally in his work environment. This was brought to light by a post that Locke tweeted on March 1 on his previously mentioned Twitter account. In this post, Locke has written that mayor Eric Adams “can suck my c**t” after the mayor commented on the provision of the church being separated from the state.

Locke ran into a troublesome position with the Finance Department once Paladino’s report was filed, shortly after which he was fired from his job on 21 March. This was executed as per the city rules of conduct that state: “A city administrative law judge shall conduct all of his or her extra-judicial activities so that they do not cast reasonable doubt on the city administrative law judge’s capacity to act impartially as a city administrative law judge.”