Wii U – Paper Mario: Color Splash | Man found interesting way to use Megaphone Card

Paper Mario Color Splash

Paper Mario: Color Splash is a turn-based action adventure RPG game that was released in October 2016. The game is developed by Intelligent Studios and published by Nintendo. It is only available to play on Wii U and is the fifth addition to the Paper Mario series. The plot of the game is quite simple as the story follows Mario and his partner Huey trying to save Prism Island and rescue the princess from King Koopa. The game is highly praised for its gameplay, sound effects, and interesting items. One such item is the Megaphone card which is in buzz these days because of a tweet of a person using it in an interesting way, furthermore, in this article, you will learn what this item is and how to use it in Paper Mario Color Splash.

What is Megaphone Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash and How you can get it?

The Megaphone Battle card falls under the category of Thing cards in Paper Mario. These cards are important because if you fail to use a specific Thing card against the enemy you will automatically lose the fight.

Megaphone Battle Thing Card
Megaphone Battle Thing Card, Paper Mario Color Splash (screengrab from Acubavix, youtube)


You can find this card in Toad Trainworks. You can also buy it from the Wringer shop for  150 coins. Furthermore, a replica of this card can be collected from Battle Spin.

Use of Megaphone Card in Paper Mario: Color Splash

Using Megaphone to deal damage to enemies
Use of Megaphone in Paper Mario Color Splash (screengrab from Teesam, Youtube)
  • When Megaphone is used in the battle it changes the scene. It can be used to damage the enemies. Once the animation is done Mario looks at the camera and shrugs.
  • In addition, it is needed to wake the giant stone, Thwomp traps which prevent the Sunset Express from moving.

Interesting way to use Megaphone Card

Recently a tweet surfaced in which a Twitter user @Pedri64_ accidentally speaks in his Wii U gamepad mic. In the tweet, Megaphone Card picks up his voice to replicate in the game to play it even louder. On further research into this, we found out that, talking on the gamepad mic amplifies the input soundturning a whisper into a shout, and a shout into an explosion of noise“.

Not just it increases the damage but it also changes the animation from using the Megaphone card the normal way. If this is performed, the Megaphone will play your input sound as it spins constantly. At last, it blows away your foe with a loud sound wave. In this case, Mario looks at the camera and gives you a thumbs-up instead of shrugging.

Tip: You need to shout/scream/blow into the game mic as soon as it starts playing rock music.

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