Wild Rift Champion Release Schedule April 2021

Riot Games, has never failed to impress us with the lineup of champions since the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift. The devs will have to work hard to bring all of the champs from the classic PC version, which can be played on iOS and Android devices and will eventually make its way to consoles! They recently disclosed five eventual League of Legends: Wild Rift champs in their Dev Diary clip. The following are the launch dates for the upcoming Wild Rift champs in April and May 2021!

Galio: 1st of April (Released)

  • A mage/tank champion who excels in the middle lane. He is an expert at inciting team fights and serving as the team’s DMG absorber while dealing with massive AoE (Area of Effect).

Rammus: 22nd of April

  • A tank champ with very distinctive fundamentals who is well suited both to Baron or Jungle Lane. Apart from his immense mobility, Rammus has the ability to reflect DMG back at his foes. This results in a lot of situations where champions are slaughtered via their own abilities and basic ATK during a team battle.

Kha’Zix: 6th of May

  • A champion who evolves into a powerful Jungle Laner. He acquires unique attributes as he levels up, allowing him to become even more lethal on the frontlines. He can also turn undetectable at will, making him an excellent lane ganker.

Rengar: 6th of May

  • A ruthless assassin who belongs in Jungle Lane. He is a predator who obtains trophies from his prey in order to gain additional skills. He can also launch an attack on foes while hidden or within the brushes, enabling him to catch them off guard. It is ideal to put as many wards in brushes as possible if Rengar is on the opposing team.

Renekton: 12th of May

  • A fighter who belongs in Baron Lane. Renekton garners fury for each ATK he causes, which grows as his HP decreases. Obtaining enough rage strengthens his skills, rendering him even more lethal. He can also destroy enemy armor, causing them to take even more DMG.

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