Wild Rift: Crystal Rose Fest, All Details

League of Legends: Wild Rift is closing out 2021 with a special holiday event. The event kicks off 14th of December and will feature Christmas skins and events. This year, Wild Rift will have the Crystal Rose Festival.

EVENT START 14th of December, 4:01PM (PT)
EVENT END 25th of December
Video games always commemorate the conclusion of each year with extra in-game events in an effort to let gamers experience the Winter and Christmas sentiments. We’re close to the end of December, which means that Winter is just around the corner. It’s always exciting to welcome winter because it signals the start of a fresh year.
NOTE: We’ll update this post as soon as more details are released.

Patch 2.6

  • Update 2.6 was released back on December 3, bringing a humungous upgrade. It included a lot of new champion changes, item changes, gameplay changes, and bug fixes. It also brought along new champions, some new skins, new events, accessories, new items, and rewards.
  • Yes, this update of the Wild Rift brought along two new champions namely Kayle, The Righteous, and Morgana, The Fallen. Kayle and Morgana are just like the typical sisters born from the Aspect of Justice who just can’t seem to see eye to eye. So, we can expect typical sibling stuff like Gamora and Nebula dynamics from Guardians of the Galaxy. READ MORE…

Other Updates

  • Mundo’s looks and gameplay have been updated
  • Increased the bans per team from three to five
  • New rewards are coming to Ranked, which include Season Reward System, Weekend Reward Series, Ranked Coins, and Glorious Orianna.
  • Intentional Losing Detection has been improved
  • Newly expanded mission track themed around Jinx added for new players. READ MORE…

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