Wild Rift: Renekton Release Date, Patch 2.2c – All Details

Renekton will face his brother Nasus in the upcoming Nemesis Duel, which will be released later in the update. The big tough croc introduces a new set of tools to the top lane in Wild Rift’s version of Summoner’s Rift, presenting an intense but tanky playstyle!

Patch 2.2c also includes a few focused champs reworks, with a few of the game’s most powerful solo queue big names taking a hit. Evelynn has been nerfed, and Kai’Sa has also been smacked by Riot’s nerf hammer.

Renekton Release Date

Renekton is a fighter who is especially useful to Baron Lane, though he can also be used in the Jungle or Mid Lane in certain circumstances. He has nice Base Damage and Sustain, allowing him to withstand team fights while dealing serious harm to foes around him.

  • Having followed the premiere of two assassin champs, Kha’Zix and Rengar, Renekton’s scheduled release in Wild Rift has gained popularity.
  • On the 12th of May, Renekton will be released. In Wild Rift, he is the final champion for patch 2.2!

Patch 2.2 New Skins + Acc

  • Blood Moon Skin
  • Diana, Jhin, Kennen, Twisted Fate, Yasuo
  • Scorched Earth Skin: Renekton
  • Infernal Skin: Nasus
  • Mecha Skin: Malphite
  •  Icons: Rainbow Poro, Tanzanite Poro, Sapphire Poro, Catseye Poro, Rose Quartz Poro Citrine Poro, Obsidian Poro
  • Emote: Pride 2021
  • Bauble: Ritual Mask
  • Recall: Blood Moon

Nemesis Duel

  • Both Level 13 or higher.
  • Neither has dealt or taken champion damage within 5 sec.
  • Both champs are alive.
  • Both champs are 16 units apart or more.

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