The Battle Pass interface in Wild Rift is a necessity to keep gamers engrossed with the mobile MOBA. It benefits them with in-game items for achievement rewards. Due to the fact that Wild Rift is still a fresh game, the Wild Pass system may not appear to be as complex as those observed in Riot Games’ other titles. Including Legends of Runeterra and Valorant.

With Season 3 of Wild Rift coming soon, gamers all over the world are wondering what kind of rewards the Wild Pass will offer. When will Season 3 be up? What kind of quests they will be expected to complete?

Battle Pass

With the release of Update 2.4 on July 28, the Wild Rift Season 3 battle pass will be available. The fresh season pass will vary from the prior ones. It’ll be the first time the scheme is made permanent in Wild Rift, with no rest time between passes.

  • For a limited time, gamers will be able to obtain Blue Mote, poro coins, icons, and the season’s jackpot: a champion skin that Wild Rift will be giving away.
  • The Wild Rift season 3 pass value is predicted to maintain the same as it was in season 2. The normal pass will cost 590 Wild cores, while the Elite version will cost 990 Wild cores.
  • The core pass missions will be straightforward, involving things like kill counts, K/D/A matches, and the placement of a certain number of wards, among other things. Besides these regular quests, those who finish all of the Wild Pass tiers in less than a week will have the opportunity to obtain a special bonus quest with even better incentives.

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