Wild Rift Upcoming Champs: Riven, Lucian, Senna (Release Dates and More)

There are more champs arriving in Wild Rift than anyone can keep track of. Riven will be arriving soon, according to a Canserole leak. She isn’t the first champion whose identity has been revealed. Irelia has been verified, and Senna and Lucian appear to be on their way as well!

Lucian and Senna

Senna is constantly afraid of the following darkness from The Black Mist. Senna discovered to protect herself with Ulias’ help. Lucian, the son of her mentor, became a friend of hers. They fell in love, battled together, and ultimately made their way to Wild Rift.

Lucian and Senna’s champ select visuals have been uncovered, as teased in the latest patch 2.3 leaks. The two lovers, who are known for their bottom lane cohesion in LoL, will soon be joining Wild Rift. Senna is a support in the traditional sense, whereas Lucian is an AD carrier.


Riven is primarily a top lane champ in LoL, but she has also played in the jungle and mid lane. She will most probably be a Baron lane champ in Wild Rift, but she could also appear in the jungle or mid-lane, as she did in LoL. This is due to her outstanding mobility and skills, which allow her to defeat most champions in a one-on-one match.

She’s also a champ who doesn’t use mana in any of her abilities. This ensures that her only major flaw is CD, and she can effectively stay in lane as long as she is healthy. This is worth remembering for newbies because she will never require mana items.

Release Dates

  • Because Irelia is most plausible to be the first champ added in Patch 2.3, which is set to launch on June 1st – 3rd.
  • Lucian and Senna should arrive about two weeks later. So the launch date is expected to be around June 17th.
  • No news yet about Riven’s launch date. However, she will definitely follow thereafter.

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