Patch 2.4 for Wild Rift is just around the corner and it will bring a slew of new features to the game, such as three fresh champs, new items, adjustments to how ranked matches work, champion bans, and so much more!

Wild Rift update 2.4 bring a few intriguing fresh champs and items to the game, and will also provide an overhaul of the ranked structure as well as a few new features, such as champion bans. Here’s what we’ve learned thus far.

New Champions

Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel

  • Akshan is a long-range champ with a grappling hook, but his W’s passive is the most intriguing component of his arsenal. Once one of Akshan’s allied forces is dead, the champion assailant will be a Scoundrel.

Brand, the Burning Vengeance

  • Brand is a terrifying force in LoL, and he’ll be wreaking havoc and searing enemies in Wild Rift as well. As a fire sorcerer, he has the ability to ravage foes with Piller of Flame and Pyroclasm, as well as Blaze, Sear, and Conflagrate them.

Nunu and Willump

  • Nunu & Willump, the legendary jungling tag team, will also be making an appearance in Wild Rift. Gamers who enjoy tanky champs will be pleased to learn that they have been introduced to the game’s ever-expanding roster.

Ranked Games Rework

The update will also alter the way the ranked system operates, according to the devs. First and foremost, the promotion sequence will be eliminated, and each team will now be subject to three bans in ranked games. F2P champion roster has also been introduced, and gamers will have to own six existing champs to play ranked.

New Items

Solari Chargeblade

  • The Solari Chargeblade is an excellent item for gamers who enjoy throwing critical assaults. In essence, it allows you to gain a momentary bonus to their critical assault whenever they use a skill.

Essence Reaver

  • The Essence Reaver is a character in LoL that is already well-known. For those who don’t know, it has beneficial outcomes: it enhances the damage of your skills and recovers a fraction of your mana every time you strike.

Crystalline Reflector

  • The Crystalline Reflector is a straightforward but efficient piece of equipment. It not only reduces physical damage, but it also reflects that harm onto opponents.

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