Will ATEEZ Jongho perform in THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour? | Condition Update

Will Jongho perform at THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour

The pirates of K-pop ATEEZ faced a setback following their performance at KCON LA 2023. The group’s maknae Jongho suffered a leg injury and was experiencing severe pain. He couldn’t attend the fan meeting due to the health crisis and rushed back to South Korea. Following the medical checkup, the ATEEZ member has halted all of his upcoming schedules. Let’s find out what happened to Jongho and if he will attend THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour.

What is the latest condition of ATEEZ Jongho?

After the sudden departure from Los Angeles, Jongho‘s managing label KQ Entertainment shared an update about his condition. According to their statement, the 22-year-old singer is diagnosed with meniscus rupture after suffering an ankle injury. He was receiving conservative treatments, such as injections for pain management, but his condition worsened during the KCON LA 2023, and he had to return to Korea.

  • The artist, known for his high notes, couldn’t join the meet and greet session with ATINYs after the performance. Hongjoon, the group’s leader, informed the audience about the situation and thanked them for extending their concerns and well wishes for Jongho.

  • As per the latest update, Jongho will halt his upcoming schedules and focus on recovering. KQ Entertainment also stated that they will soon share an update with more information. Meanwhile, they request the understanding of ATEEZ Jongho’s fans.

Will Jongho perform at THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour?

ATEEZ announced their THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour in June 2023. They completed their Asian leg of the tour with stops in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Bangkok before traveling to the USA for KCON LA 2023. Following this, they are scheduled to continue their tour with the next stop in Mexico City on August 23.

  • Due to the unexpected injury of Jongho, fans are concerned if he will attend and perform at the upcoming concerts. KQ Entertainment will soon announce their plans depending on the condition of Jongho and his doctor’s advice. However, we can take a guess regarding the concerts scheduled this month.

  • Meniscus rupture or tear is a common injury related to the knee. It affects the C-shaped cartilage between the shinbone and thighbone when the leg suffers from sudden weight or twist. This injury requires a rest of six to eight weeks, depending on the condition.
  • We can assume Jongho wouldn’t be able to perform at the upcoming stops of THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour in August and early September. He might attend the events and participate in singing, but he probably wouldn’t be able to perform the intricate choreographies.

ATINYs react to ATEEZ Jongho’s injury

Before this injury, the K-pop idol suffered an ankle sprain in 2019 while practicing with the members. In 2020, he fractured his leg in an unfortunate accident and went on a recovery break of three to four months. The following year, he suffered a knee cartilage injury and sprained his ankle again.

  • Due to these back-to-back injuries and short recovery time, ATINYs expressed their concerns through social media. They encouraged KQ Entertainment to allow Jongho to take a hiatus necessary to heal from the injuries completely.
  • They also shared their well-wishes for a complete and speedy recovery for Jongho and promised to wait for him no matter how long it takes to return after healing. Read some of their reactions to KQ Entertainment’s statement below:

Upcoming schedule of ATEEZ

After their impressive performance at the KCON LA 2023, ATEEZ will continue their THE FELLOWSHIP: BREAK THE WALL World Tour in the United States before returning to Asia. Their next stops include:

Tour Dates Venues
August 23 Mexico City, Mexico | Arenda CDMX
August 26 São Paulo, Brazil | Allianz Parque
August 30 Santiago, Chile | Movistar Arena
September 03 Bogota, Colombia | Coliseo Live
September 09 Singapore, Singapore | Indoor Stadium
September 16 Manila, Philippines | Araneta Coliseum

There are no updates on how many tour dates Jongho will attend and if he will perform. ATINYs encourage him to rest and heal so he can return to the stage quickly. Subsequently, they are also awaiting updates on Jongho’s condition from KQ Entertainment.

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