From Idol to Actress: Will Bae Suzy Make A K-pop Solo Comeback?

From Idol to Actress: Will Bae Suzy Make A K-pop Solo Comeback?

One face easily pops into your mind when we say Bae Suzy in the K-pop industry. Suzy has been in the K-pop world since her teenage years until she found a steady passion and love for acting. From music shows, you can now see her on the small screen and big screen. But has anyone been missing idol Suzy? Is it possible for her to make a solo comeback? Well, let’s ought to find out. 

Can Bae Suzy make a Solo Comeback?

Can she? Of course, in the words of this generation, “Bae Suzy, you will always be famous.” If she plans to release a solo comeback, fans will always be willing to wait for her new music. If you’ve been in the K-pop industry since the second generation, it’s impossible not to be familiar with JYP Entertainment’s miss A and, of course, their maknae, Suzy. The 1994-born idol is also the lead vocalist, sub-rapper, visual, and face of the group.

  • Suzy debuted at the young age of 16 with miss A, which officially disbanded way back in 2017. Afterward, Bae Suzy released more music as a soloist, and fans have been loving it. She has this natural beauty and captivating smile that captured fans’ hearts. With years in the K-pop industry and the fandom she garnered with her acting career, Suzy can have a successful comeback when she wishes to return.

She has been signed with an acting agency, Management SOOP, since 2019. It might be improbable to see her solo comeback for now, but it wouldn’t be impossible. It seems like Suzy is leaning on her acting career since her transfer to the agency. But in Management SOOP’s statement in 2019, the agency also supports her in solo promotions as a singer. So, an idol comeback for Suzy isn’t a long shot, and we hope we can see that in the near future!

Suzy’s Solo Discography

Since starting her acting career, Suzy has been recording and singing some of the OSTs. After miss A activities concluded, Suzy continued her solo career under the same agency, JYP Entertainment. In 2017, she debuted with her first EP, Yes? No? In 2018, she released her pre-release track In Love With Someone Else, followed by her album Faces of Love.

Before leaving JYPE, Suzy released Midnight with Yiruma in March 2018. She left the agency after.

It didn’t stop Suzy from releasing covers and dropping a few tracks despite the busy acting schedules. On Instagram, she was posting guitar and song covers for her fans. And in 2022, she released two tracks within the year, Satellite and Cape.

Suzy has been a staple in K-dramas OSTs, including a track for her 2017’s While You Were Sleeping, 2020’s Start-Up, and the critically acclaimed 2022’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Who is Suzy?

At a point in Suzy’s life, she was considered one of the ‘CF Queens’ (‘Commercial Film’ Queens) of South Korea. Bae Suzy has always been one of those idols that quickly garnered netizens’ attention. Her talent in singing, rapping, and dancing, and her visuals added to the fame of her girl group, miss A.

Will Bae Suzy Make A K-pop Solo Comeback?
Image Courtesy of Suzy Bae via Instagram (@skuukzky)

If you didn’t meet her during her debut days with miss A, then we assume you saw her in 2011’s Dream High with IU, Kim Soo-hyun, and Ok Taec-yeon, among others. Dream High became Suzy’s acting debut and boosted her popularity. Since then, Suzy has garnered awards and nominations in huge South Korean awarding ceremonies.

Currently, she has an upcoming Netflix K-drama, Doona!, which marks her comeback to the small screens after 2022’s Anna. For now, here is the list of her K-drama/Web series and movies. Enjoy watching all of these!

K-Dramas/Web Series Movies
Dream High (and a Dream High 2 Cameo, too) Architecture 101
Big The Sound Of A Flower
Gu Family Book Real (Cameo)
My Love From The Star and Pinocchio (Cameo Roles) Ashfall
Uncontrollably Fond Wonderland
While You Were Sleeping
Anna (Web Series)
Doona! (Web Series)

If Suzy ever thought of coming back to be an idol, we can already visualize the excitement of her fans. Well, it would be nice to hear a new album soon, right? For now, catch her upcoming Doona! web series on Netflix. We can’t wait for what awaits the future of the nation’s first love!

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