Will BLACKPINK be in hiatus? Lisa allegedly reject YG’s contract offers | Rumor Explained

Is BLACKPINK going on a hiatus? Lisa's contract renewal rumors explained

BLACKPINK’s contract renewal is perhaps one of the most pressing matters in discussion among BLINKs. In particular, the contract of the group’s main dancer, Lisa, has been making rounds in the news since last month. To add to the rising curiousity of the outcome of the discussion a report has claimed that Lisa rejected two offers from YG Entertainment. Read ahead to find out more about the rumor, YG Entertainment’s statement and what will it mean for BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK Lisa allegedly rejects two contract renewal offers from YG Entertainment

As per the reports of the news outlet Star News Korea, BLACKPINK’s star rapper and the brand amassed of various luxury brands, including CELINE, Bulgari, and more, Lisa has rejected two offers of contract renewal from YG Entertainment.

  • The Thai K-pop singer debuted under the entertainment agency in 2016 with her three other members, including Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie. After attaining global stardom, breaking various records with group and solo projects, and securing ambassadorship from various reputable brands, the star is looking for an appropriate offer for her contract.
  • After she allegedly rejected the first offer from YG Entertainment, the media house claims she received another offer of 50 Million KRW (USD 37.7 million approx) which she rejected as well. Moreover, the reports claim that while discussing the contract renewal with her agency Lisa has kept tens of millions of dollar deals on hold.

Will BLACKPINK go on an indefinite hiatus?

Apart from expressing doubts regarding BLACKPINK’s contract renewal, the media house Star News Korea also reported that the girl group will allegedly go into an indefinite hiatus.


  • Currently, all the members are successfully conducting their BORN PINK world tour, which will conclude on September 17 after two shows at the Gocheok Dome in Seoul. Following this, if the decision regarding the contract renewal isn’t taken, then the girls might go on an indefinite hiatus.
  • On the other hand, the members can continue any schedules they signed before the contract expiration (August 8, 2023). However, the decision for contract renewal is necessary to continue new activities.
  • If BLACKPINK doesn’t decide by the time their schedules are complete, then there’s a possibility of an indefinite hiatus, which, although it isn’t impossible, is still unlikely.

YG Entertainment addresses the rumors in a statement, BLINKs react

In an official statement to the media agency TV Report, BLACKPINK’s current home, YG Entertainment, has refuted all the rumors surrounding the K-pop girl group’s contract renewal. The agency has shared that they are still discussing the contract with Lisa and nothing has been decided yet.

  • This official statement once again brings the fans to the initial state. BLINKs believe that as much as they would like to learn more about the final decision of the quartet; they are willing to wait until the agency or the members announce the news themselves. Read their reaction below.

To conclude, none of the BLACKPINK members has said anything regarding their contract with YG Entertainment and the group’s future. Fans will have to wait until things are finalized to learn about the outcome.

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