Will Deadpool 3 be connected to the plot of ‘Logan’?

The internet went wild after Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman announced they were teaming up for Deadpool 3. The massive success of the first two Deadpool films was already a major hype factor. But the official return of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine inevitably broke the internet. 

Ever since the announcement, Wolverine fans have been skeptical about one looming question: will Deadpool 3 be connected to the plot of Logan? The answer is not really straightforward, so read to find out based on what the actors and makers have said so far.

Logan timeline

  • The events of James Mangold’s Logan were set in the year 2029. In this timeline, there are no new mutants and Logan’s healing powers slowly start to decline. The film is an emotional goodbye to Hugh Jackman’s iconic character as Logan dies in the end. 
  • Logan turned out to be one of the most critically acclaimed superhero films of all time. It was a fitting farewell to Wolverine and fans were more than satisfied with this. That is, until Deadpool 3 was announced.
Logan 2017
Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios via Evening Standard
  • As much as excitement rages on around Wolverine and Deadpool being in the same film, the Ryan Reynolds franchise is known for its meta-humor and quirky jokes. 
  • Wolverine fans were scared that this would take away the weight of the heartfelt goodbye that Logan offered in 2017. However, Hugh Jackman himself clarified this earlier.

Wolverine and Deadpool connection

  • Hugh Jackman has openly stated that Deadpool 3 will not be using any “MCU strategies” to bring back his Logan AKA Wolverine. Marvel’s timelines often cross different universes to accommodate their storytelling. But that won’t be the case here.

  • Instead, we will see and experience Logan before his death in 2029. So, we can expect the storyline to be centered in the present day which eliminates the need to resurrect him.
  • Hugh Jackman has also said that his Wolverine absolutely hates being around Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. He joked that Logan will frequently punch Deadpool in the head throughout the film.

Deadpool 3 – what we know so far

Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins Wolverine
Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios via Jon Negroni

Interestingly, Ryan Reynolds played Wade Wilson in Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The character is entirely different from the Deadpool that fans know and love today. Are you excited for the return of Hugh Jackman’s Logan AKA Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool?

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