Will Miquella be a potential boss encounter in Elden Ring's upcoming DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree?
Miquella's roots are related to both Malenia and Mogh (Image courtsey of FromSoftware)

FromSoftware, the mastermind behind the Game of the Year 2022 winner Elden Ring, announced its upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, in quite a modest way. Contrary to the expectations of most fans, the developer announced it through a small social media post on February 28, 2023. The announcement has all the fans wondering if Miquella will finally make an appearance.

The character is an integral figure in the game’s storyline as well as the lore, and was regarded as one of the strongest demigods. In the game, Malenia and Mogh are the two characters who are deeply connected to Miquella in some way. Thus, all this information was enough for fans to expect him to make an appearance in the DLC. The playerbase had been speculating about his appearance even before the announcement came along.

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Miquella in Elden Ring: Exploring his importance and hints about his appearance in upcoming DLC 

 The official announcement

On February 28, 2023, Elden Ring’s official social media accounts announced the development of its upcoming expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree. This picture is the only possible source of information for all the Souls fans. Thus, the fandom jumped onto this and scrutinized every single detail. We will focus on the most important point to take away from this, which is Miquella’s appearance.

The probable appearance of Miquella

Potentially Miquella on Torrent
Potentially Miquella on Torrent (Image courtesy of FromSoftware)

This is the most talked about instance from the DLC announcement by far. Gamers have been speculating that this is none other than Miquella on Torrent. While it may be a hint at Torrent’s previous master, many have argued that this is Queen Marika in this picture.

Lore-wise, a lot can be said about the picture to claim that it is certainly Miquella. For example, Ranni the Witch said that the Spirit Calling Bell was given to her by Torrent’s previous master. This can be paired with the fact that a lot of Miquella’s Lillies spawn in Caria Manor and the shared service of Loretta. Thus, it hints at him once again.

If Miquella is really in this DLC, there is a pretty high chance that he will appear as a boss, seeking revenge for his twin sister, Malenia, whom you probably killed in the base game. Thus, it can be concluded that there’s a chance of a potential battle with the character in the DLC.

Backstory of Miquella in Elden Ring

Miquella was claimed as one of the strongest demigods in the game. The demigods are the offspring of Queen Marika. Miquella and Malenia were twin siblings who were born with birth defects, but they were a prodigy duo, often regarded as unbeatable if they joined forces. The shattering of the Elden Ring caused a huge war among all the demigods.

Miquella DLC
Miquella in the cocoon trapped in Mogh’s Chamber (Image courtesy of FromSoftware)

Miquella was cursed, could never age, and still had the appearance of a kid. He wanted to cure both himself and Malenia so he created his Haligtree and fused himself with it. He imbued himself into a cocoon in an attempt to start aging, but it was later stolen by Mogh.

As mentioned earlier, other items and dialogues in the game indicate that Miquella was the previous owner of Torrent.

Mentions of Miquella in Elden Ring

Miquella has been mentioned quite a few times in the base game by item descriptions, places, or the characters themselves. Materials such as Miquella’s Needle and Miquella’s Lily are some of the findings in the game that are related to the character.

Malenia, The Blade of Miquella (Image courtesy of FromSoftware)

You can find Miquella’s Lily near Caria Manor, but getting Miquella’s needle is arguably the hardest job in the game. You have to defeat Malenia, The Blade of Miquella to get it. Miquella’s needle is useful only if you want to undo the Flame of Frenzy and avoid the Lord of Chaos ending. This can only be possible after defeating Dragonlord Placidussax and using the needle in his boss arena.

Mogh, The Lord of Blood (Image courtesy of FromSoftware)

The other mentions include boss encounters with Malenia and Mogh, where we get to know about him. The latter has kept Miquella captive and does not want him to leave, while she still waits for her twin brother to this date. There is an area called Miquella’s Haligtree in the game, where he imbued himself with the tree, but Mogh ripped it apart and captured him. Malenia waits for him at the site where he was ripped out from.

Even if you defeat both Mogh and Malenia, you will not have any encounter with him in the base game.

Final thoughts

Even after such speculations, it is still not certain that the character in the announcement is Miquella. Though with all these points raised, it is more than likely that the DLC will revolve around him and his attempts to reincarnate Godwyn the Golden.

The DLC has not received a release date yet. Thus, a Miquella boss encounter is up for discussion until an official confirmation is made about the characters in the expansion.

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