Nintendo Switch

The big question is, will Red Dead Redemption 2 be Nintendo Switch compatible?

Nintendo recently announced Switch. We covered this revolutionary moment of gaming recently where Pingal talked about how Nintendo Switch isn’t just a console, but a comfort companion as well.

Nintendo showcased multiple games in its Switch unveiling. And yesterday itself, Red Dead Redemption 2’s short trailer was uploaded as well. (Needless to say, we covered every neat detail of that as well.

Now the million-dollar question is, will this sensational game that stirred up the whole internet crazily just for 54-seconds of random actions and animal motion, be compatible with the equally sensational Switch?

See the trailer in case you missed it:

There’s also the slight speculation that at a later point, perhaps the PC and Switch versions will both appear together. This is surely an entertaining and very exciting speculation — but it mostly sounds hollow.

What we know so far is that Rockstar Games has partnered with PlayStation 4 for Red Dead Redemption 2. But is there any relation between RDR2 and Switch? We still lack enough information regarding both the sensations, but will let you as soon as we catch trace of something.

Whatever the case, we will look forward to knowing the answers to our questions in the coming future.