Will Sasuke eventually die in Boruto?

Sasuke's death in Boruto

Sasuke Uchiha holds a special place in the hearts of fans within the Naruto franchise. Initially introduced as one of Naruto Uzumaki’s teammates, Sasuke’s character has earned a devoted following over the years. As a co-protagonist alongside Naruto, the story heavily focuses on Sasuke, with the author likening their relationship to that of Yin and Yang. But as potentially approach the time skip that was hinted in the beginning of the series in Boruto, we are tempted to ask – Will Sasuke die in Boruto Manga as the series nears its end?

CAN Sasuke die in Boruto?

Naruto And Sasuke
The Episode where Naruto and Sasuke Punch each other, Image courtesy of Studio Pierrot. Watch here

The possibility of Sasuke’s endangerment is strongly suggested by the claim that the era of Shinobi is over. In Boruto’s prologue, set in the future, he declares this while showcasing the complete destruction of Konoha with no Shinobi present except himself.

Similarly, Kawaki also makes a similar declaration and hints at sending Boruto to the same place as the 7th Hokage. The dire state of Konoha implies that Sasuke’s presence could have prevented this catastrophe.

Being one of the strongest Shinobi, the existence of such a claim suggests that Sasuke may have encountered some unfortunate events during the time-skip. However, the details of what happened to him remain unknown to the fans.

Will Sasuke die in Boruto?

Sasuke Uchiha's appearance in Boruto, via crunchyroll
Sasuke Uchiha’s appearance in Boruto, via crunchyroll

Now in Bortuo Chapter 78, Sasuke Uchiha was undoubtedly weaker, but his mere existence was enough to send shivers down the spines of fans. Having lost his Rinnegan, he’s not as powerful as he was before. This is similar to Naruto having lost Kurama.

  • Despite this, many speculated that Sasuke Uchiha would meet his end, leading to Boruto donning his cloak and Sarada potentially unlocking her Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • Fans hoped that these developments would provide some much-needed character growth for both Boruto and Sarada, considering the direction that the plot seemed to be taking.

Boruto as it happens to be already has Sasuke’s headband. He also has a scar. With all of these set, it draws us closer to the very opening of the Boruto franchise. The one where Boruto was fighting Kawaki on top of a destroyed Konoha.

Our best guess for how Boruto manga will eventually lead into the opening scenes of the series

Now here’s our likeliest guess on how that scene is going to turn around. Konoha is not yet destroyed. We expect the Momoshiki residing with Boruto to come out, once again. This Borushiki will then fight the combined forces of the leaf ninjas, Sasuke, Sarada, and Kawaki. Resulting in total havoc.

  • This could also potentially result in Sasuke’s long-predicted demise. Perhaps what we saw in the beginning of Boruto was the aftermath of this battle. Where maybe Momoshiki is finally done and dusted.
  • But because this is Naruto’s future generations, something similar to Naruto and Sasuke settling their due at the end of Shippuden could reoccur. A possible reconciliation fight between Kawaki and Boruto. This time Boruto in his senses will fight to prove that he still has his senses intact. Taking up his dead master’s sword.

Although at this point, this is just a speculation. To be sure we just may have to wait and see. 

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