“WILL SMITH” Has Been Invading Elden Ring and Slapping Players 😂

Elden Ring Will Smith Slap

It appears like one of Elden Ring’s players is channeling Will Smith’s infamous Academy Awards slap.

Elden Ring has been an almost endless news source following its premiere a few weeks earlier, with the community having a fantastic time while struggling in the Middle Lands, hunting for guides, and also creating all sorts of mayhem in online mode.

The Will Smith Slap

  • A player comically assumed the identity of Will Smith to invade other gamers, confront, and “slap” them then flee away from the fight and walk back the way he came; leaving the other gamer who is generally confused by what just happened.
  • “WILL SMITH” impersonates the American actor who made history on Oscar night a few days ago. He impulsively jumped up from his chair and slapped Chris Rock for making a joke about Will’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircut.
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dude just slap me and left
byu/the_ginger_one367 inEldenring

Elden Ring

For several reasons, including its enthusiastic fan base and the high level of the game’s production, Elden Ring has become among 2022’s most talked-about games on Twitter.

In fact, the popularity of Elden Ring has also converted into hours of streaming viewership, amassing within its first month more than 200+ million hours on Twitch, the biggest network for live streaming games today.

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SOURCE: The Gamer

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