The Finals
The Finals is available for pre-order on Steam (Image via Embark Studios)

The Finals is the latest FPS title by Embark Studios and is a little different than other entries in the genre. You are in a virtual game show where you compete for fame and money, and bring generous sponsors for your side. It is a team-based knockout system where you and your side fight it out to reach the top.

In The Finals, you can destroy everything. And yes, we do mean everything. The maps in the game are in real-life locations with dynamic timing and seasons. This is an arcade-style game that took inspiration from arena-like mechanics from Gladiator, The Hunger Games, and so on.

If you are into this and want to know more about this upcoming game, this article is for you.

The Finals: Exploring cost, platforms, release date, and more

Cost and platforms

The Finals is a free-to-play game that you can save in your Steam library already for the closed beta. It will be released on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, and will not be coming to older-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One. The press release from Embark Studios does not provide any other information on probable platforms, or if it will come to PS4 or Xbox One post-release.

Probable release date

The Finals release date
The Finals release date is yet not confirmed (Image via Embark Studios)

Embark Studios is yet to confirm the release date of The Finals. As mentioned earlier, the game’s beta is available on Steam, and many have already started playing it. But for the official release, there is no confirmation.

You can expect a release in 2023 itself, probably during Q2. It is unlikely that the game will release in Q1, as the beta just dropped in March 2023. The title is still in its testing phase, thus it can take a considerable amount time of time to be released.

If you want to play the beta for now, just head over to Steam. You can even send your feedback to the developers, which will help them to make the game better for release.

System requirements

The Finals system requirements
The Finals first looks (Image via Embark Studios)

The system requirements to play The Finals are not that demanding. The cheapest graphics card you can use to play the game is the ATI FireGL T2-128. The minimum RAM requirement is 4 GB. A CPU equivalent for the Intel Pentium 4 2.00Ghz is the minimum to run the game.

The file size of the game and the preferred OS are still not declared.

The Finals: Concluding thoughts

The Finals is surely a promising project for the future as it is different from the usual battle royale titles. It brings a breath of fresh air to the FPS gaming community. Thus, if this article has made you interested, head over to Steam and register for its closed beta.

Just use the “Request Access” option from the game page. Keep an eye out for the email from the developers, but as it is with every beta, there is no guarantee that you will be able to play it.

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