As we all know, MrBeast is the world’s most famous YouTuber because of his crazy good ideas, and this time he promised to give away $10,000 to a lucky subscriber. This young philanthropist made sure that all the blessings he got would be shared with the entire world. After MrBeast reached 100 million subscribers on his main account on YouTube, he decided to give away 10,000 US dollars to a lucky subscriber who will do a simple task.

Win $10,000 with MrBeast

After reaching 100 million subscribers in his main account, MrBeast thought of a way to celebrate this achievement with a massive event for the masses. MrBeast decided to buy another island and give it away to a random subscriber who will win the challenges that MrBeast’s team created.

  • MrBeast made the decision to send 100 subscribers on a plane to an undetermined location in the world. The subscribers would then have the chance to win the exact same island where they would play all challenges in store for them.
  • As we all know, MrBeast typically does these kinds of events and also gives the winner a choice if they would rather grab the prize or exchange it for a huge amount of cash. This happened with his Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory and the winner chose the money instead. The winner didn’t hesitate to sell the factory for a whopping $500,000 in cash as we can watch below in the video.

  • MrBeast also had a video in which he invited everyone to eat at his restaurant for free. He called it the first ever free restaurant in the world. The drive-thru restaurant had been camped by fans and the first ever customers even got $100 for just simply waiting for their order. MrBeast then put tons of cash inside the paper bags of the burger meals.

How to win $10,000 for free?

  • So here it is—the moment we have all been looking forward to. How to win the $10,000?
  • Simple, just subscribe to his channel here MrBeast, and hit the notification bell.
  • Why? It’s because you’ll need to leave a comment on his upcoming upload.
  • What’s the catch? The first subscriber to comment on that video will win $10,000 and for sure the entire world is waiting for MrBeast’s latest upload.
  • When? Thursday 4 pm ET.

So grab plenty of food and drinks, invite your friends and wait for the latest upload of MrBeast. As they say, the more the merrier right?

MrBeast, YouTuber Philanthropist

Although MrBeast hosts challenges in his most well-known videos, he also includes giving presents and money to people in need in his material. After contributing more than $1 million to philanthropic causes in 2018, he was dubbed “YouTube’s Biggest Philanthropist.”

In order to accomplish even more in the following year, MrBeast also worked with video game and technology companies. He raised money for the planting of more than 20 million trees by organizing a $200k Apex Legends tournament. $22 million was raised during such a worldwide event.

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