Windows 11: February Major Update Details

Windows 11

During the month of February, Microsoft will release the first big upgrade to their latest operating system. It will include some of the most exciting features that were promised when Windows 11 was originally introduced to the public.

The most impressive feature will be a public beta that will enable us to launch a variety of Android apps. This follows the path of closed testing that Microsoft launched a few months ago. They let beta testers access selected Android apps via the Amazon App Store.

As errors are identified and fixed in this new technology, which assumes a “hybrid” PC that can run both Windows and Android apps, it’s not yet apparent which apps will work with this beta.

Update and Improvements

  • In addition to the “Android function” that is now being tested, we may expect to see significant improvements. This includes an improved Task Bar with an option to silence the computer; the option to set a secondary clock to our monitor.
  • New and revamped Notepad and Media Player programs will also be released. It will incorporate dark modes and other technological improvements to keep the operating system consistent with the rest of the software.
  • Finally, Panos Panay, one of the heads of Windows, has provided the data that more than 1.4 billion PCs run Windows 10 and Windows 11 each month along with the news of the release of this update.

Windows 11

According to a recent hardware and software poll, Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11, is already being used by 10% of Steam users, making it one of the most popular operating systems on the market.

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