Wisconsin Lights: Possible UFO sightings?

Wisconsin suspicious lights Possible UFO sightings

Stray lights were witnessed dancing across the sky in rural Wisconsin. These strange lights started raising suspicion about UFO sightings in the area. Therefore, UFO researcher Mick West and Ben Hansen tried to find the possible source.

UFO sightings in Wisconsin

At the beginning of December, unexplainable lights were captured on video in the Westbend and Fredonia areas of Wisconsin state. According to the witness, the lights appear to be bright white or purple in shades and zapped across the night sky, breaking through the clouds. It formed five globes and moved in a physics-defying manner. This isn’t the first time someone has reported UFO lights, which raised suspicion about their factuality. Was it a UFO sighting or a misunderstanding in the darkness of the night?

  • The matters become intriguing when another witness came forward claiming to have noticed the same light. The two witnesses do not know each other and their location is different. However, they both noticed the curious lights in the sky at the same time.
  • One of the witnesses, Kimberly shared her real experience with Daily Mail. She was driving with her husband in Wisconsin when something zoomed past their windshield. They could only suspect it to be a white owl. The confusion started when it passed three more times. According to their observation, the lights were moving toward the east and it was after a few minutes that they realized to take a video of what was happening.
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Wisconsin lights, UFO, Ben Hansen VS Mick West
Image courtesy of Twitter @MickWest

Wisconsin lights Debunked

As per the latest updates, the lights sighted in Wisconsin could be part of a Christmas light show.

Mick West, a UFO enthusiast, decided to do his research after hearing the statements of witnesses. He calculated the approximate distance between the location of the two witnesses and the direction of the light’s sighting. Tracing the light, he discovers that it could be coming from Belgium, Wisconsin, about 40 miles North of Milwaukee.

He immediately connected with the Chambers of Commerce and discovered the possible source of UFO lights. They are part of the annual Christmas light show held on a country B road. It is organized annually by Flanders’ family, and without much ado, Mick West reached them as the next step of his research.

  • The Flanders family has added six new moving spotlights to their display this year and the location matched the calculations as well. These UFO lights are, to everyone’s disappointment, just regular Christmas spotlights, debunked Mick West.
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Lingering suspicion

Ben Hansen, a former FBI agent and host of UFO Witnesses on Discovery+, was the first to receive the video of witnesses. He also conducted research by confirming that no airplanes flew that night at Milwaukee Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Related to Mick West‘s research, Ben Hansen tweeted that he has spoken with the Flanders family as well and they disclosed they use 6 ‘Blueshow 380w DMX’ DJ party stage lights. His reports cover all the necessary aspects but due to the audience’s complaints, he doesn’t include trivial stuff in his reporting.

This has led to arguments and differing opinions among netizens on Twitter, with the majority leaning toward Mick West. Which side are you on let us know in the comments and follow Spiel Times for more exclusive news in entertainment, gaming, and sports.

SOURCE: Daily Mail

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