Witchfire, what we know so far, release date

Witchfire? If you’re asking if this should be about the Witchfire that sets to release access this year, yes. The upcoming Witchfire game sets to release Early Access late this year, however, they may have pushed back the dates. Developers, The Astronauts shared what made them delayed and what changes should players expect once the game opens. If you’ve been looking forward to getting your hands on this single-player video game, let’s still get into the details. We’ll have here everything that we know so far about Witchfire and its expected release date. So let’s start, shall we?

Witchfire video game

In case you didn’t know, The Astronauts have been hands-on in creating this game since 2020. Originally, they aimed for an Early Access release by late 2022. However, in a blog post yesterday, they mentioned that they have to delay the release of the game.

Release Date

They aimed for a Q4 of 2022 release, but have to push it back to an early 2023 release. There is no confirmation on this date yet, just a possibility and another aim for the team to deliver the game next year.

Witchfire, release date
Image Courtesy of The Astronauts
  • Fans expecting the game may be quite upset with the Witchfire’s development taking a little too long. But, the developers have other things in mind, they said: “You only have one chance to make a first impression and we respect your time and money.

Reason of delay

  • So they dropped the reason that made them delay the release of the game to 2023. The developers planned to redesign the game into a semi-open world experience. They redesigned the core experience of the game. Although they made sure of one thing first:

“To be clear, Witchfire is still a rogue-lite dark fantasy first person shooter. That did not and will not change”

Adrian Chmielarz

  • As written in the blog post, the developers thought that barriers were perfect for the game not until it wasn’t anymore. So they came up with an idea to make the players move freely and explore what’s more in a specific area in the game. Their visuals are too good and it felt like wasted exploration material if they do not work on that one.
  • Chmielarz also mentioned that Witchfire’s semi-open world feature is at 95% completion. Exploring beyond the designated area, you can choose where to go and what to do, get trapped, move forward, or retreat. They made the fantasy game more realistic, as they have worded it in the announcement.

More about the game

We hope that this first-person shooting game arrives sooner than we expect it would. To recall, there is no official date of release yet, however, they aim an Early Access by early 2023.

  • Also, they have stated that during the Early Access release, it will be exclusively available on the Epic Games Store. So ready your EGS accounts because in a few months we may be welcomed by the Witchfire game.
Witchfire, semi-open world
Image Courtesy of The Astronauts
  • However, if you prefer to purchase and support the game on other purchasing sites like Steam, or you prefer consoles over PC, you may have to wait for the official release of Witchfire. As they said in their announcement: “just please wait a little longer, until the game is done.”
  • Oh, and by the way! Don’t forget about the Witchfire Halloween Week, as they have titled it. Maybe in a week or so, you can expect some storyline and 2D art discussions. They have much in store for its fans, so maybe stick around!

Let us hear your thoughts about Witchfire, players!

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