With Monster Energy suing Pokemon, what are the chances that they will go after Digimon and other franchises next

Monster Energy, one of the world’s leading names in the business has filed hundreds of lawsuits against various companies. Among them, big names such as Pokemon and Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise stuck out the most. 

Monster Energy never shies away from filing a lawsuit against companies using the term “monster” in their titles, and this time is no different. While Pokemon and Monster Hunter are two of the biggest names on their hitlist there have been many other companies that were sued by the company too. This article will explore all the details available at this moment about the lawsuit.

Monster Energy files complaints against Pokemon and Capcom to the Japanese Trademark & Patent Office

As mentioned earlier, many other companies have had to face similar charges. Monster Energy sues any company that uses the word “Monster” in their titles. Therefore, many video game, anime, and movie franchises are there on their hit list.

In the past, Monster Energy has sued other video game companies for using the word “monster” in their titles, including Immortals Fenyx Rising. It was originally called Gods and Monsters. Ubisoft had to change the name, however, it did not stop Monster from continuing the legal measures against it.

According to Automaton, Monster Energy had asked the Japanese Patent Office to cancel trademark resignations for other companies. They included Pokemon and Monster Hunter, whose names featured some variant of “monster.” They also specifically targeted Pokemon X and Y as well as Sun and Moon. The free-to-play mobile game Monster Strike was also mentioned.

Are companies like Digimon also in danger?

Keeping in mind the current state of events, it is safe to assume that even Digimon might be in danger of a lawsuit. Although Digimon is a very old franchise and possibly not as popular as Pokemon, Monster is sparing no one. Therefore, Digimon, or ‘Digital Monster”, might be on the verge of getting a lawsuit. However, it is to be noted that Digimon is owned by Bandai Namco. With the backing of arguably the biggest entertainment company in Japan, Digimon has great protection if anything happens.

However, Monster Energy’s legal objections go beyond just the word “monster.” The company also filed a complaint against the NBA team, Toronto Raptors for their monster claw emblem.

According to fans of the sued companies, Monster Energy is now being a “trademark troll” in the industry. It is not uncommon for big organizations to sue gaming companies, and other franchises over trademark breaches, Monster’s continuous legal actions are just being obnoxious for the audience now, fans claim.

This was everything you had to know about the Monster Energy drink dilemma with lawsuits and legal complaints.

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