Wolf Game’s popularity skyrocketed when personalities like Beanie.eth and Gary Vee began discussing the game on Twitter. So, why is Wolf Game so unique that it has already garnered over $10 million in total trading volume? Read on to find out!

Wolf Game has a high level of intrigue due to its rarity. Furthermore, the platform’s founder has not revealed his identity publicly, making it even more mysterious. A figure known only as ‘the Shepherd’ is now in charge of all formal communications regarding Wolf Game.

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Recent months have seen a considerable interest directed to Wolf Game, a game in the “play to win” genre. Even though the new gaming service has yet to produce an official game, it has already hauled in millions of dollars. Over $2.8 million in trading volume has been created by Wolf Game NFTs in November 2021, while land NFTs have grown even higher with close to $8 million in trading volume.

What is Wolf Game?

DeFi mechanisms and NFT mechanics are combined in Wolf Game to deliver players passive revenue. Taking risks is a key aspect of the game, and players must be aware of this when making decisions.

“DeFi or Decentralized Finance: Offers financial instruments without relying on intermediaries such as brokerages, exchanges, or banks. Instead, it uses smart contracts on a blockchain.”
– Wikipedia

It’s in this regard that Wolf Game differs from other titles in the play-to-win market. When deciding how much risk to take, players must do their homework. Of course, the more risk you take, the more profit you get.

  • Wolf Game is a unique tokenomics-based risk-reward system for NFTs. It demonstrates the interplay between the ERC-20 and ERC-721 protocols and what may be achieved with them.
  • Your NFT (ERC-721 token) may now harvest other NFTs for you. Having a rare NFT increases your chances of accumulating tokens – new  NFT concepts are being pioneered by Wolf Game.

With its tokenomics-based risk-reward program for NFTs, the Wolf Game is one of its kind. It shows how the “ERC-20” and “ERC-721” protocols work together and what can be accomplished with them.

Wolves & Sheep

  • Coins can be minted with no notion of what kind of animal they’ll end up with. Wolves are extremely rare (10%); just one out of every ten hundred homes will have one. Indeed, these wolves take a vital function in the game.

  • Instead of having to worry about their NFT sheep starving to death on the farm, owners can just go around gathering LANA tokens to use as a stake. Wolves, on the other hand, are frantically hunting for an entrance into the Barn in order to reach the sheep within.
  • Owners of sheep pay the wolves the WOOL tax in order to keep them safe. Thirty percent of all LANA revenues that enter the barn go to the wolves. There is, however, a catch. Wolves have a tendency to steal. So, having a Wolf NFT gives you the possibility of getting a stolen Sheep NFT.

What is LANA?

  • The native ERC-20 token of Wolf Game is WOOL. Staking sheep NFTs in LANA provides holders with a steady source of revenue.
  • Ownership of an NFT wolf also provides LANA tax money that may be used to offset expenses.
  • To begin playing Wolf Game, you’ll need LANA. Minting Sheep or Wolf NFTs needed varying amounts of WOOL, as per the game’s official description.

Land & Farmers

Additionally, Wolf Game has launched unique title NFTs in order to stay up with the most recent developments in the online gaming field.  It is possible to multiply the capacity of each NFT of land, which has varying areas.

  • Ground NFTs enable players to gather resources and boost their success. The project’s early performance can in part be attributed to the way land was allocated in the game. With just 20,000 plots of land available, the supply is astronomically constrained.
  • In addition, Genesis NFT holders were given half of this supply. The first 10,000 NFTs from the Wolf game were sold to these individuals. They are entitled to a free piece of land.
Image Courtesy of TheDefiant

SOURCE: All information credits to DappRadar

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