Woman dies after falling off Disneyland parking – Here’s how

Disneyland becomes a site of casualties as another unfortunate incident occurs when a woman falls to death at the Mickey and Friends parking structure.

Mickey and Friends parking disneyland Woman falls off
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Disneyland is a magical escape from reality. Children and adults alike enjoy visiting this dreamland for its joyful significance. However, its parking lot is reaching the headlines for unfortunate incidents lately.

  • On February 18, a woman died after falling from a parking structure at Disneyland in Anaheim, according to police reports. The detectives in Orange County, California are investigating the situation concerning the fall at Disneyland. It isn’t yet certain if the woman fell accidentally or if it was a case of suicide.
  • Anaheim police sergeant, Jon McClintock shares with People, that they are currently investigating the matter and encourage anyone who can help to contact them.

How did the incident occur?

Local police immediately responded to the incident report at the Mickey and Friends parking. An emergency call came shortly after 6:50 p.m. In response to the emergency, police attempted to keep the victim alive until paramedics arrive.

  • The victim of the fall was transported to a nearby hospital, however, she unfortunately, couldn’t survive and was pronounced dead.
  • The police are investigating the fall to know if it was an accident or suicide. They encourage any witness to confirm the details and cooperate with the investigations.

Who was the victim?

After the release of the news, the victim was identified as 46-year-old Marney Schoenfeld from Scottsdale, Arizona. A spokesman related to the Orange County Coroner’s Office confirmed the identity of the victim.

  • Schoenfeld’s husband talked with San Jose Mercury News about his wife’s incident. He described the news as “excruciating” and reminisced about the victim.
  • Randy Schoenfeld, the husband of the victim is a real estate agent based in Arizona. In an email sent as a response to the news outlet, he calls his wife a good mother. “She was a caring wife and a talented hairstylist of 23 years. All her clients loved her,” he wrote.

  • Sergeant Jon McClintock, an Anaheim police spokesman investing the incident shares, it was not immediately clear if the woman was a guest at Disneyland Resort. There are also queries regarding how the unfortunate incident occurred. Paramedics transported the victim to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead a short time later.
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Is Disneyland Parking safe?

The Mickey and Friends parking structure was built in 2000. It is a seven-story tall structure making it the largest parking garage in the U.S. when it opened. Ever since its opening, it has been the site of several fatalities.

  • In December last year, a man in his 50s died after falling from the structure. Upon investigation, police concluded it was most probably a suicide, according to the Los Angeles Times.
  • At least, three other men also died as a result of falls from the Mickey and Friends parking structure between 2010 and 2016.
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These incidents raise the question if the structure is safe and what additional precautions are necessary to prevent such life-threatening accidents at Disneyland. For more latest news from across the globe, follow Spiel Times.

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