World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will have six new updates in 2023

One of the new initiatives from Blizzard for World of Warcraft is more updates this coming year. It’s a good sign, since Dragonflight had a generally positive reception after its release. The game released its planned roadmap for 2023, bringing one of its busiest years. Here’s what we know about the new updates next year.

2 Major Updates

Dragonflight will have two seasons incoming in 2023, which will bring about big changes. Season 2 or Patch 10.1 will happen after Spring. It will introduce a new zone and raid to the game. It will also reset the PVP season and provide UI improvements they’ve been working on for a while. One of the exciting introductions during this new season will be an update to the professions. There will also be a new mythic+ dungeon pool to freshen up the game.

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The second major update will happen after Fall, marking Season 3 or Patch 10.2. Like the major patch before it, it will introduce a new raid and zone. PVP will reset, and they will add new features to the game. Expect more content, and a new mythic+ dungeon pool, leading to the conclusion of the Dragonflight storyline.

4 Minor Updates

The four minor updates will occur during each season, two before season 2 and another two before season 3. The Patch 10.0.5 Winter update will introduce the Trading Post system to the game. Aside from it, players can now transmog poor and common quality items. The Primalist Tomorrow Area will also get new content during this update.

The Spring update patch 10.0.7 will introduce new story quests. It will involve the return of the Dracthyr to the Forbidden Reach. It will be stories that will lead to the continuation of Dragonflight. The update will also include the Orc and Human Heritage armor quests.

After season 2, the Summer update will include new World Events. There will also be system upgrades and new content added to the game. It will also bring in a megadungeon, though Blizzard did not specify any details yet.

In the Fall, we’ll also have more story quests leading into Season 3. The game will have a holiday refresh and some more system updates.

A Renewed Approach to WoW

The team at WoW is looking to bring in more stories to Warcraft. Along with these story updates will come more rewards, events, and improvements to the well-established game. The goal is to lessen downtime and keep players interested, enticing them to come back with new updates.

It’s a refreshing take and one that’s welcome following the increased interest in WoW after the Dragonflight update. Before this new move, the Shadowlands expansion received little to no updates. Many believed that WoW’s days were behind it. The team managing it, however, thinks otherwise.

Dragonflight felt like a refresh of WoW, introducing new ideas and improving the game overall. We’re excited to see where the game’s direction takes us next.

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