World of Warcraft has been making some changes recently. One particular revision is its characters’ voice lines that are used to joke and flirt with other players. This is a part of the ongoing effort by Blizzard to make the game a more inclusive environment and be more sensitive to players.

Following the sexual harassment and inequality cases filed against Blizzard, there have been a number of subtle changes being made to their games. As well as in the Public Test Realm. The elimination of these lines and emotes are just one move among a whole series of changes. The team seeks to remove troublesome references and actions in the game.

There has been renaming of gadgets, quests, and achievements in games. Blizzard has also made a statement regarding these changes in the games. They intend to continue to make similar changes to make the games a more inclusive environment for gamers.

Patch 9.1.5

  • Several emotes and voice lines have been removed from the most recent patch 9.1.5 update in the World of Warcraft.
  • Players were able to use “/joke” or “/flirt” which will make their characters utter a random line from among a set of character-unique dialogues. The lines were heavily based on the gender and race of the character.
  • Some of these lines can be categorized as insensitive and explicit, being more creepy or awkward than funny. Most of them rely on stereotyping and sexual innuendos.

While a larger section is satisfied and has welcomed the moves being made by Blizzard, some fans are disappointed with what they have perceived as censorship and over-reaction. However, there is nothing stopping Blizzard from coming up with new voice lines that are more sensitive and inclusive for players.

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