World Patient Safety Day – Why this Post-Pandemic day matters

World Patient Safety Day - Why this Post-Pandemic day matters

In the post-pandemic world, the definition of a patient’s safety has changed radically. 17 September 2022 recently celebrated another World Patient Safety Day, where it was a requirement to reanalyse what it means today to be in medical care.

WHO Global Patient Safety Challenge considered 2022 to be a suitable year for the theme of “Medication Safety” or “medication without harm”.

The key action areas noted for improvement and awareness on this day were high-risk areas of specialised medical care, small-scale care and polypharmacy.

What changed during the pandemic?

A lot of how we view illness has changed over the pandemic.

  • Mental medical care: The integrated state of mental and physical well-being has come to the forefront for the masses.
  • Prevention and immunisation: the understanding that prevention through building general health and immunity is essential during an emergency has slowly spread among people.

  • Nutrition: nutrition is the backbone of great health. Patient safety in the post-pandemic world will rely on the provision of good nutrition.
  • Communal issue: Health issues which were primarily considered individual ailment is now being seen as communal problem. Mental illnesses also deserve the status as something that the community will battle together.
  • Healthcare accessibility: Healthcare accessibility and its lack have been the cause of so many casualties during the pandemic. Accessibility is the foundation of patient safety.

A patient is a patient even before they reach a hospital.

Significance of Medication Safety on World Patient Safety Day

Lack of medication Safety for patients comes in a variety of ways, most of which are quite preventable. If you notice any of the following issues, alert the medical professional immediately.

World Patient Safety Day - Why this Post-Pandemic day matters
Image Courtesy: PAHO, TIF
  • Improper check-up: Improper check-up is a major cause of lack of medication safety. Making sure our patients or loved ones receive all proper texting before the prescription is so important.
  • Improper follow-up: Follow-up is just as important for the health professional to insist upon as it is for the patient to get done. Medication safety relied on being regularly checked upon.
  • Inaccessibility: Inaccessibility to certain medical care might lead you to pick unsafe alternatives. Patient safety often includes social concerns, including issues of HIV or abortion.
  • Lack of medical knowledge: It is possible that your healthcare professional is lacking proper knowledge. Health care professionals need to keep up to date with changing concerns in the medical society and keep a tap on even seemingly small procedures.
  • Simple lack of attentiveness: Lack of attentiveness is a major cause of lack of medical safety. If your health professional is not attentive to your needs, alarm other people immediately.

World Patient Safety Day – 17th Sep Virtual Event

The official website of WHO noted that a lack of medical safety and assurance of proper medical care leads to a huge financial and emotional burden which often leads to further damage on the physical or psychological level. This day was termed the day of Medical Safety in 2022.

Not only is it difficult to recover from such damage or subsequent damages, but this lack of a systematic method of medicinal provision also leads to its inappropriate usage.

A virtual event was held worldwide on 17th September 2022 at 17:30 CET where special awareness issues were raised about areas that required added consideration i.e. high-risk areas.

“Medical harm accounts for 50% of the overall preventable harm in medicinal care.”  WHO noted.

  • Theme: Medication Safety
  • Slogan: Medication without harm
  • Slogan: Know. Check. Ask.
World Patient Safety Day - Why this Post-Pandemic day matters
Image Courtesy: World Health Organisation

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