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A spin-off of Wordle called Worldle is now trending in the mobile gaming world, with over half a million people playing the game in a day. The map-based puzzle game will challenge seasoned geographers and travelers alike. Since its launch last January 30, the game has been getting more attention. People are now searching online to learn more about countries featured in Worldle.

How to Play

Each day in Worldle, the game will present a puzzle. It is a silhouette of a country which you have to guess. It can be from anywhere in the world.

You have six guesses to identify the country. After each answer, the game will tell you how far you are and the direction as hints. For example, you enter the country Finland. The game will tell you a percentage (how far or near you are to the answer), a directional arrow, and the distance from the country of the day in kilometers. You then have to make another guess to see if you’re moving in the right direction.

Image from Worldle

On a Good Trajectory

  • The game has been generating interest among its players to learn more about the countries in the game. People have been searching locations such as Andorra and Czechia.
  • Worldle is a side project of a French developer who got inspiration from Wordle. The intent was to get people to try and guess new countries every day. The developer expressed their excitement when they saw the game’s popularity increasing.
  • Like Wordle, you may want to stay clear of social media if you desire to win at Worldle using your own skills.

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