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Team17, the developer of the beloved “Worms” franchise, announced that it would be releasing its first line of NFT products. The generative art collection, known as Meta Worms, will feature the 26-years’ worth of games developed by the company. They make this NFT set in partnership with Reality Gaming Group, which is also responsible for NFT releases of other franchises.

The company has been stressing that its set will be environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest concerns within the NFT and crypto space is energy usage. According to them, minting 100,000 NFTs will only use power equivalent to the annual kettle usage of 11 UK households. There are no details on whether Team17 plans to create 100,000 NFTs or multiple sets of Meta Worms.

The new project received a mixed reception.

All gaming developers who decide to dip their toes into NFTs have experienced the same. Fans have expressed anger and disappointment with the announcement. Others have even called for a boycott of all Worms products until Team17 backs out. Despite the backlash, Team17 seems to stand firm on its decision.

Team17 is not the first to try its hand at NFTs and will not be the last. Most gaming developers have backed out of their projects because of the negative response. Both Sega and CSG Game World planned to make NFTs but quickly dropped them after the poor initial reception.

Ubisoft is one of the biggest developers that want to implement NFTs. Even though they have dropped their current plans, they still want to explore the technology.

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