The Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), is an association that represents the video gaming industry of Europe. It was responsible for the creation of the PEGI age categorization. The ISFE attempts to integrate gaming into the learning process, especially of children.

Last year, ISFE member Spidor, which represents the gaming industry in Poland, announced that the Polish government has decided to integrate the game This War of Mine into the academic curriculum as an educational tool for the 2020-21 batch of high schools. In this war-based game, the player gets a different perspective as they take on the role of a civilian, and not a frontline soldier.

An 88-page handbook was also released by ISFE for teachers, titled:

“Using educational games in the classroom: Guidelines for successful learning outcomes.”

Moreover, the ISFE has released a list of games that are said to contain “educational potential”. Teachers will be using them to support the “learning activities” of children. To begin with, the games have different sections according to their themes; the categories are also under different subjects or areas of learning.

Climate: Fate of the World, Keep Cool, Imagine Earth, Eco, and Ludwig

Economics: Night of the Living Debt, Railroad Tycoon II, Civilization, Fallout Shelter, NBA 2K14, and Food Force (United Nations World Food Programme)

Ethics: Cloud Chasers-Journey of Hope, Bury Me, My Love, Path Out, Paper Please, Orwell, Through the Darkest of Times, Change, This War of Mine, Ludwig and Fable III

Health: Honeymoon

History and Geography: Caesar III, Assassin’s Creed Discovery Tour, Valiant Hearts: The Great War, 1979 Revolution Black Friday, Civilization, Animal Crossing, Quandary, The Evolution of Trust, NBA 2K14, Ludwig, and The Oregon Trail

Inclusion, Sexuality, Gender & Diversity: A Normal Lost Phone, A Closed World, Change, No Male Heroes, and The Unstoppables.

Language Learning: Der Die Das Rockets, Kingdom Hearts 3, The Sims 3 & 4, Antura & The Letters, Quandary, Fable III, and The Oregon Trail

Mathematics: Monkey Swag, Paint-A-Long, Tricky Tower, Mario Maker, Portal, Game Over Gopher, The Oregon Trail, Food Force, and World of Warcraft

Natural Sciences: Crazy Machines 3, Kerbal Space Program, Playground Physics, Tricky Tower, Portal, Ludwig, Foldit, and Food Fight

People Skills: Railroad Tycoon II, Just Dance, Fake It To Make It, Monster Mash: A Bomb Game, Minetest, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing, NBA 2K14, Pokemon Go, Minecraft, and Fortnite

Politics: Democracy 3, 1979 Revolution Balck Friday, Imagine Earth, and Eco

Problem Solving: Animal Rescue, Nintendo Labo, Tricky Tower, Mario Maker, and Portal

Programming: Rabbids Coding, Nintendo Labo, and Mario Maker

Rhythm: Nintendo Labo and Just Dance

Social Studies: Honeymoon, Simcity 3 & 4, The Evolution of Trust, Mission: Admission, and Fallout Shelter

Notable Games

There are some interesting games mentioned here. For example, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon Go, Minecraft, NBA 2K14, and even Fortnite! Specifically, these games are under people skills. Meanwhile, NBA 2K14 appears under various subjects and World of Warcraft is under Maths.

It is very interesting to see that such big games have been included to aid the learning process. In fact, this may be the start of a revolution that integrates gaming and learning. While the two have been co-related before, an international agency such as ESFI making advances by recommending games is something to take note of, especially after the Poland government’s move last year.

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