Wriddhiman Saha Controversy: No Apology from the Journalist Yet

The Wriddhiman Saha controversy has become the talk of the town in a few days. The exclusion from the Indian cricket team against the Sri Lanka series and threatening message from the journalist has shocked the Indian cricket fans.

Many cricketers and selector has come forward to support Saha. They have also urged Saha to reveal the name of the journalist but Saha refuses to spoil the career of the journalist. Saha has yet not revealed the name of the journalist. After the person was exposed on social media, he/she hasn’t gotten in touch with him yet.

“The said journalist has neither got in touch with me nor has he apologized,” Saha told Zee News in an exclusive interview.

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Moreover, Saha said that if the journalist had apologized he wouldn’t have tweeted the second time. The wicketkeeper then in a series of tweets, on Tuesday evening, said that he will not hold himself back from revealing the journalist’s name if he is threatened again.

Fans Pissed Off

The fans are pissed off from Saha’s controversy as he did not disclose the name of the journalist. They are saying that either reveal the name or end this controversy. A fan even joked that the cricketer should try his luck in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

This case needs to be resolved soon by BCCI. But as per Saha’s statement, BCCI hasn’t contacted him about the case. However, Saha has mailed the entire case to BCCI. Let’s hope that the controversy will end soon.

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