Wuthering Waves: Daily Reset Schedule

Wuthering Waves Daily Reset Schedule

Making the most out of Wuthering Waves requires an understanding of the daily reset cycle. A daily reset is a significant event that affects in-game activity and offers a fresh opportunity for progression. This guide covers the daily reset schedules for different servers so you never miss out on significant daily quests and awards.

What is Daily Reset?

During Wuthering Waves’ daily reset, the game server refreshes daily missions, rewards, and other activities. In many gacha games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games, this means that players have a fresh set of activities and possibilities to engage with every day. At this time, important tasks typically return to such games, like:

  • Daily quests and missions
  • Energy/stamina restoration
  • Login rewards
  • Weekly Challenges
  • Limited-time events
  • Exp Gain
  • Exp drop
  • Boss Hunt Refresh
  • Enemy Spawn

*Note: Some MMORPGs include all of the above, one best example is Ragnarok Origin Global.

Why is the Daily Reset Important?

Planning your in-game actions effectively requires an understanding of the daily reset schedule. It is advisable to finish daily missions before the reset in order to avoid losing out on awards. At the same time, undertaking new activities as soon as the reset happens can help you maintain your progress lead.

Daily Reset Times Across Different Servers

The daily reset time varies depending on the server you are playing on. Below is a comprehensive table of the daily reset times for various servers in Wuthering Waves:

Server Region Daily Reset Time (Local Time) Daily Reset Time (UTC)
Asia Asia 4:00 AM HMT 8:00 PM UTC (previous day)
Europe Europe 10:00 PM CET 9:00 PM UTC
America America 1:00 PM PST 9:00 PM UTC
Southeast Asia Indonesia 3:00 AM WIB 8:00 PM UTC (previous day)
Southeast Asia South Korea 5:00 AM KST 8:00 PM UTC (previous day)

Tips for Maximizing Daily Resets

  1. Set Alarms or Reminders: Use alarms or reminders to alert you 30 minutes before the reset time. This helps to remind you to complete any last-minute tasks.
  2. Plan Your Day: Align your playtime with the reset schedule. For example, log in shortly before and after the reset to maximize the benefits from daily missions and energy restoration.
  3. Prioritize Important Tasks: Focus on completing high-priority missions like limited-time events etc.
  4. Monitor In-Game Announcements: Developers often update reset schedules or introduce new events. Always check for announcements on Wuthering Waves official page and in the game.
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