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WWE 2K22 is dropping its latest downloadable content (DLC) “The Whole Dam Pack” today and it looks outrageously amazing!

Spearheaded by the legendary wrestler, Rob Van Dam (thus the name of the pack), The Whole Dam Pack also features two big named celebrities – Machine Gun Kelly and Logan Paul.

Rob Van Dam (Robert Alexander Szatkowski) is one of the most beloved wrestling superstars of our generation. His charm and charisma paved his way to fame while only coming from ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) and later on transitioning to WWE. Amongst all of the playable characters in this DLC, Van Dam could be very well the one most WWE 2K fans are extremely excited to play as. Not to shake everyone’s trees but Rob Van Dam is not in any way related to the ’80s action star Jean Claude Van Dam, although they do look a lot like each other, don’t they?

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Opposite to RVD, two of the most despised celebrities of today are also part of The Whole Dam Pack. One is a very controversial musician (Machine Gun Kelly) and the other is a very hated clout-chasing influencer (Logan Paul). MGK, the rapper-turned-punk star is not only famous for being associated with Megan Fox, but he also has served WWE 2K22 in terms of its music as part of his job as the Executive Soundtrack Producer.

Not only that, but the infamous musician has also made some appearances on WWE TV. On the other hand, the YouTuber/Boxer/Influencer/Professional Wrestler has a current WWE contract. In the past, we saw Logan Paul and Machine Gun Kelly becoming playable characters in the game. As a result, it’s no surprise that both of these internet icons are part of the large roster of ecstatic and marquee wrestlers in WWE 2K22’s fifth and final DLC.

Aside from RVD, MGK, and Paul, other wrestlers are also making their way to WWE 2K22 through this DLC such as:

  • Max Dupri a.k.a. LA Knight
  • Xia Li (WWE’s first-ever female Chinese superstar)
  • Commander Azeez
  • and, Sarray the “Warrior of the Sun”

Check out WWE 2K22’s The Whole Dam Pack DLC Trailer and see for yourself!

The Whole Dam Pack is already available today and can be bought through individual purchases. Meanwhile, the full set of DLC packs is included with the Season Pass, Deluxe Edition, and nWo 4-Life Digital Edition of WWE 2K22. This version of WWE 2K is currently playable on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.
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