Ronda Rousey is a professional mixed martial artist and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Champion. However, after her two consecutive knockout losses in the UFC. She never came back anymore and has completely retired from the sport. The last MMA fight she had was back in 2016 against Amanda Nunes. She still became the first woman to be a UFC Hall of Famer in July 2018.

Moreover, Rousey is now a wrestler in the WWE since 2018. In her WWE stint, she already won Raw Women’s Championship in the same year against Alexa Bliss. She took a hiatus but then came back in January 2022. She also won SmackDown Women’s Championship against Flair this year.

Recently, fans have been saying that Rousey has been copying Becky Lynch. Especially on her latest appearance in WWE SmackDown. Lynch is also a wrestler and a WWE champion. However, she is currently on hiatus due to her injury.

It is true that Ronda Rousey is copying Becky Lynch?

Looking back at Rousey’s latest appearance in WWE SmackDown
  • Supposedly, she wasn’t allowed to appear due to her ongoing suspension. She was suspended last month at SummerSlam after her match against Liv Morgan. Rousey wasn’t agreeing with the wrong call that the referee Dan Engler made which made Morgan the winner.
  • As she was feeling furious with the wrong call, she attacked Morgan and then the referee. Due to her actions, WWE has come up with a decision and suspend her indefinitely. They also fined her amount of money which was not out to the public.
  • So on August 14, Friday, she came in and made a statement in the WWE paying her fines. She said, “Being the baddest gets expensive, but I can afford it.” You may watch her do it below.

Rousey certainly did something similar to Lynch
  • While Rousey’s surprise appearance on the ring, she poured out the money from the bag onto the table. The fans immediately made their assumptions of she had copied Lynch.
  • Lynch first did it a few years back in the ring too. Where she put her money out of a paper bag. Later on, she acknowledges the tweet of a fan about the comparison of the two.
  • Her tweet says “Ronnie ❤️s The Man.” In case you did not know, Lynch is also called The Man. Moreover, the fellow WWE champion seemingly has no problem with it and does not mind it at all.

It’s hard to put up a conclusion that Ronda Rousey is copying Becky Lynch in just one action. From what Rousey did in the ring could be just a coincidence because of her current situation. Since she could also have other reasons why she did it.

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