WWE Crown Jewel 2022 may have been one of the finest pay-per-view events following the legacy of Wrestlemania 38 this year. While Logan Paul may have won the tag-team match together with The Miz, his lead-up so far made him lose to Roman Reigns last Saturday on 5th November. But his loss to Roman Reigns is merely a battle of a war that may already be leaning towards Paul’s potential extraordinary WWE Career. Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The way of Logan Paul in Crown Jewel 2022 may have seen assistance from his brother Jake. But despite having his own blood just outside the ring, and a multi-load of aerial-athletic extravaganza, the former Shield leader still ended up with the crown.

Logan Paul was a wrestler before he boxed

Logan Paul WWE
Via Sportingnews

Putting his Japanese controversies aside, Logan Paul was a division 1 college wrestler. But despite his Wrestling past Logan just decided to be a boxer. He then went one-on-one with Mayweather and lived to tell the tale. His built-up with KSI still remains one of the internet’s most hyped-up fights ever.

Logan and WWE really fit well

  • After Logan declared that he had signed up with WWE, fans were quick to come wondering how the influencer will do.
    • But as we have witnessed throughout the second half of this year, Logan Paul and WWE do go hand-in-hand.

Is Logan a permanent member of the WWE Roster?

Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns in Crowl Jewel 2022
via WWE.com

As of now, Logan isn’t a permanent member of the WWE, he isn’t entirely on the roster yet. His contract’s nature is more multi-event oriented.

  • That means WWE can employ him in multiple events, although probably not all. The multi-event nature of the contract will surely be corporate and complex, something his lawyer may be able to tell you better about.
    • What we can affirm, however, is that Logan’s journey in WWE may just be starting.

WWE isn’t new to cameos 

Roman Reigns

Although WWE has been notorious for homing multiple influencers, stars, and film actors who have made periodic appearances. One can also note Dwayne Johnson who did the complete opposite and went to movies through WWE. We also witnessed CW’s Green Arrow Stephen Amell in WWE once. Stephen had a storied feud with the Code Rhodes Star Dust persona. Heck, we even had Donald Trump in WWF or something.

But Logan Paul and WWE will probably not take a cameo route. Logan proved himself, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he truly does belong in the ring. Talk about an entertainer, Logan Paul pulled off one of the most iconic moves in the match.

The true highlight of the Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns in WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Logan takes video of the Frog Splash
Logan Paul videos his Frog Splash into Roman who is lying on the announcer table, snapped from Logan’s Twitter @LoganPaul

One of the primary highlights of the entire match-up of Crown Jewel still remains, in my view, Logan Paul’s frog splash. Over the top rope, Logan climbed the ladders of heaven as a tribute to Eddie Guerrero before falling onto a lying Roman Reigns.

  • Logan didn’t do this without a smartphone in his hand though. Yes, Crown Jewel 2022 witnessed Logan Paul stunting a Frog’s Splash over the top rope with a phone recording the thing in his hand. Talk insane, show Logan.

Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns shows tributes to Shawn Michaels

This isn’t the end of the line of Logan’s performance in Crown Jewel 2022 though.

  • Paul showed The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels some respect and performed the legend’s finisher. A Sweet Chin Music right to the chin of the Roman emperor got him knocked into the matt.

Uso brothers vs Jake Paul

Logan Paul vs Roman Reigns in Crown Jewel 2022
Courtesy of WWE

In the middle of the match, we witnessed Jimmy and Jey Uso rise up to beat up Logan’s buddies in the ring. But Jake saved the day when the undefeated 6-0 boxer took to the ring without hesitation.

  • He kicked the living hell out of one of the undisputed tag team champions. The Usos form the bloodline group with Roman Reigns, a WWE story original where apparently the three are family. Don’t worry, it’s still less Fast and Furious. 


Logan Paul in Crown Jewel 2022 has been nothing less than amazing. WWE should be impressed with the former boxer. Even his early nemesis and celebrity KSI took to Twitter to put some respect for what Logan put out last Saturday.

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