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WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon, is currently under investigation by the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Board due to an alleged $3 Million bribe to shush an employee he had an affair with.

The ever-controversial wrestling icon, McMahon, is currently on a tight rope as the WWE board of directors is looking at allegations regarding a suspicious “settlement pay” paid for by McMahon’s legal team.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, McMahon agreed to pay the said hefty amount to an unnamed woman who was a former WWE employee. The woman was said to have been hired by McMahon as a special staff back in 2019. She was allegedly paid $100,000 as a paralegal but the amount doubled immediately after having an intimate relationship with McMahon.

As per reports, she left the company last January 2022. Then, as a way to silence her regarding their affair, McMahon allegedly paid her $3 Million. $1 Million was paid up-front while the remaining $2 Million will be paid in a span of 5 years. Meanwhile, they found out that the alleged settlement money was paid for by McMahon’s personal funds.

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WWE Board learns of the accusations through a series of anonymous e-mails

The Board claimed they received e-mails from an anonymous sender in March. The sender, who claimed to be a friend of the victim, was accusing McMahon of malicious acts and harassment. The sender went on to specify that McMahon “gave here (the employee) like a toy” to John Laurinaitis, a WWE executive.

After receiving the e-mails, the board decided to look into both McMahon and Laurinaitis. Soon after, they began the investigation in April, in which the two executives are currently cooperating. To no surprise, the board unmasked more non-disclosed agreements, malicious intent, sexual harassment, and misconduct towards other women.

Vince McMahon, 76, has always put on a villainous persona on WWE and television.

One of his famous rivalries was with Stone Cold Steve Austin during the ’90s. Through the years, controversies and allegations have always been surrounding McMahon but nothing ever forced his hand to step down from his post as the studio’s chairman. Though there was one that almost got him – the Steroid case during the early ’90s.

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With the recent investigation, the board, as well as the media, are learning more and more about McMahon’s previous entanglements and endeavors. It will be very interesting as to how WWE handles this mess and how they will react toward McMahon and his group.

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